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How to Date a Taurus Woman

If the girl who has caught your attention and giving you sleepless nights is a Taurus, check these simple steps out that can help to prepare you to impress her on the first date:

  1. A Taurus lady is very fond of quality than quantity. So be well dressed and smell good. They get excited by expensive but authentic gifts. So you can choose some dazzling diamonds, branded apparels in earthy shades, or anything that manifests luxury and grandeur. They love food so a packet of branded chocolates or gourmet delicacies will be enough to make her happy. Don’t forget to take her to one of the most expensive food joint and give an “elegant” look to the evening.

  2. While you are conversing, don’t get deceived by her cool and relaxed aura. If you don’t frame your words well, the bull will hit you hard. She loves materialistic possessions so if you have it, don’t forget to flaunt about you luxurious home, expensive cars, impressive bank balance and investments. Show her that you are a man who can fulfill every earthy desire of her and she will be your girl.

  3. Be genuine. Taurus ladies are very down to earth and love honesty. Though she is attracted towards luxury, an honest and trustworthy male can impress her more.

  4. Get romantic. Taurus ladies like to be pampered by men and love to listen to complements as they are extremely sensual souls. Tell her that she is most beautiful lady you have come across and be rest assured she will fall for you soon.

  5. A true Taurus female will never express her feelings to you. She takes time to be comfortable with anyone. So treat her like a queen in the evening and let her unfold in front of you slowly, through interesting conversations. Beware! Taurus females hate boring men!

  6. Taurus females love nature. Talk about it; if possible take her outdoors, close to it. She will always be with you to enjoy those.

  7. Make sure you order good food and drinks during the evening. Buy her some expensive ice-cream once the dinner is over.

  8. Touch is something that excites a Taurus lady and makes her feel special. Don’t forget to wish her a goodnight with a kiss on her cheeks or hug her tightly. Be rest assured, you will be in her dreams that night.

If you are interested in a date with a Taurus, you must have a brief idea about the do’s and don’ts when you spend the evening with these bulls ruled by Venus. People born under this amiable “earth” sign are strong, but stubborn, stable but sensitive when it comes to love and romance. Truly romantic from within but never to admit, this individual will give you a satisfactory relationship but off course in a “roller coaster” way!

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