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How to Date a Taurus Man

Any female who wants to spend a lovely evening with this Earthy man, may go through the list below, so that she can win over the bulls heart:

  1. Pay attention to your dress and accessories. Taurus males like women who dress according to their persona. You don’t need to be the most beautiful lady in the world but you must choose the color that suits you the best. Don’t forget to match the shoes and the hairdo.

  2. Talk to him in a calm and composed manner with confidence. If you are shy, you cannot draw his attention. Make him understand that you want to be his girl, through your controlled gestures and speech. Taurus men like to secure things- be it a car or a woman. Make him feel he can keep you in his heart forever.

  3. Give him pleasant surprises which he cherishes the most. Get him a chilled beer before he asks for one, or gift him a costly cigar or expensive wine. He will stick to you for long.

  4. Talk about his family, especially his mother. You can earn more points in his grade card if you take some great interest in what his mother cooks the best and off course in earning the recipe. Good food is something that he can die for. In fact Taurus males like women who like to live with a family following traditional ways.

  5. Taurus males like space-both physically and emotionally. Externally you may find him reserved and quiet, but from within he is battling with the turmoil. Try to discover the man from within through sensible conversations.

  6. Don’t be in a hurry if you intend to get this man in your life forever. Taurus men, usually are slow in taking important decisions. If you are in haste he will wind himself up and your chances are gone. Wait and watch how he slowly starts liking you, and once he falls for you loyalty is guaranteed.

  7. Nature is something that renews his spirit and gives him strength. Ensure you will be ready to set out with him for a trip to the forest or fishing at lakes. He will be ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

  8. You can be mentally more close to a Taurus man if you physically are. While the date is on, don’t hesitate to put your hand in his hand on the dinner table. Allow him politely if he puts his arm around you in a movie theatre. Finally, hug him tightly and give a goodnight kiss on his cheeks. Touch is sensuous to him and he really appreciates the cuddly teddy bear approach towards love.

Nevertheless, it is very exciting and quite an experience when you date a Taurus --- they are warm, loving and definitely worth being a beautiful date for a nice evening. You will be totally smitten by the classic combo or toughness and sensibility, of the bull perfectly blended with affection and class. Will not that be a great feeling?

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