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How to Date a Scorpio Woman

You need to do a lot of homework before you go and grab the attention of this woman. Here are few tips for the same:

  1. You must remember you are dating a female with magnetic power and intensity. So beware. Take to a dark, private place, with dim lights, where she can nurture her mysterious and secretive nature. She doesn’t like to be seen or heard while on date. Grab an outfit black in color and dress seductively. Her deep intense eyes will pierce through your heart and try to find whether you are really for her or not.

  2. It is not an easy task to choose a gift for a lady who is so thoughtful and deep from within. Never grab a casual gift like flowers or chocolates. Rather grab a mystery novel or a binocular or even fine jewelery or seductive perfume will be great gifts for her. Don’t forget to wrap it. She likes to unfold mysteries and go deep inside any matter.

  3. Don’t expect that you will get to know all about her in the very first meeting as she like to keep secrets and doesn’t pour out her heart to any Tom Dick and Harry. The conversations should be on interesting topics, you can choose something heavy and serious too. She actually doesn’t like anything “light”- be it a date or the man to date. If you are planning for a casual and fun filled date, don’t invite her.

  4. Be honest. Scorpions, especially ladies are individuals with high power of intuition and can get inside the core of your heart to find out whether you are true or not. So if you do want a relationship to build up, don’t lie and try to speak out your heart to her. She will appreciate and reciprocate.

  5. She might seem to you somewhat moody, and unpredictable. For example while a nice conversation is going on, a sudden lose comment of yours may make her lose her temper and then get ready for that infamous Scorpio sting. You can never forget the shock or the excruciating after effects.

  6. She doesn’t forget, nor does she forgive. She will remember every unpleasant incident that happened during the date and will remind them with a taunt in the next. So try to avoid controversies or weird things as much as possible.

  7. She is usually a quiet and reserved person and dislike men with flamboyance and over exuberance. If you have them, don’t try to hide as she will catch you, better is not to date her.

  8. Give her respect during the date-110%; she will give it back to you-200%. Never ever flirt with her, she will leave immediately. Show her that you want a long term and solid relationship with her, and she will fall for you. Loyalty and trust are the two virtues with which you can her over.

It is not easy to define a Scorpio in one line as they are complex, deep, intense, powerful, passionate, strong willed and what not! But nevertheless they are fascinating companions and can emerge out to be the best life partner.

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