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How to Date a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is not a cup of tea for every woman as, he is not easily seduced or charmed, like the others. To do so, have a look at the following points:

  1. A Scorpio man never likes to be controlled or dominated by a woman. Don’t direct him or tell him the do’s and don’ts. He will exhibit his anger within moments and that will kill any chance of yours to meet up further.

  2. Being attached to the element water, he likes to spend a day on the beach, or to fishing or water skiing etc. you can plan the date accordingly, but you have to give him the credit if the date happens to be successful and exciting.

  3. Watch your moves and gestures while you are dating him. He is a great observer and will try to explore your inner soul through his intuitive instant. Any casual or flattering approach will be fatal for the relationship to grow. He likes women who are as intense and sensitive as he is.

  4. He craves for sole attention and wants to be the solitary glory while he is dating. Even if you meet you friend, during those hours, don’t invite him to join with you. This will think your Scorpio date that you are not giving him attention and as a result, he also won’t.

  5. Show that you are dedicated to him and no other man exists in your life other than him. He even feels jealous if you talk about your best friend while you are with him.

  6. Emotions play an important role while you are in a relationship with a water sign like a Scorpio. He values your feelings, will be moved by your emotional quotient. He can penetrate deep into your psyche and give you a mental roller coaster ride if you open up your heart to him. Sometimes your tears can touch his heart.

  7. He is a true lover and very loyal partners. When a Scorpio guy says he loves you, he means that from the core of his heart. He considers these feelings to be very special and hence kept for someone special. Value it and treasure his words. He will love you forever. Never ever play with his emotions, he will sting and knock you down.

    • If you are dating a Scorpio man, don’t let any conflict to arise first of all. If it accidentally does, don’t let it just pass by. Resolve it thoroughly. Otherwise he will hold the grudge against and that will continue forever. An open conversation is the best way to come to a solution and believe it or not, he will be ready to sit for it, willingly.

Scorpions are considered to possess a lethal combination of an intense and passionate heart well blended with a brilliant mastermind. If you can handle that you are guaranteed to get a loyal and trustworthy partner for yourself.

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