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How to Date a Sagittarius Woman

Warm, passionate, prompt, talkative, enthusiastic, and generous- all adjectives set well for a Sagittarius lady in a date. If you want to explore more, here are few tips before you ask the lady for a date out:

  1. For a date with a Sagittarius lady, you can take her to an exciting place because she craves for it. She loves travelling and an overnight excursion or jumping down the slopes with ski pads on, or rock climbing. An open restaurant is a good place to hang around with her. Don’t confine her for a long time indoors as she is very energetic and enthusiastic.

  2. Dress casually. While giving gifts don’t choose something cuddly like a teddy bear or expensive as a diamond ring. She will consider that as a waste of money, buy something practical and thoughtful.

  3. Your Sagittarius lady is temperamental, independent and not a “soon to get married “material. She has high hopes and ambitions and dreams which she chases all the time. Respect her dreams and the passion to fulfill them. Show that you can accompany for her every zany scheme.

  4. While conversing, avoid marriage proposals and spending time in the kitchen or babysitting. She believes in settling in her career than decorating her home. You will be killing all chances of a long lasting relation if you ask her to leave her job after marriage.

  5. Remember, your Sagittarius love interest is straightforward and hates complicacies in speech and actions. So if you like her eyes, straightway and honestly comment on them, rather than inserting poetic delicacies within. She will also speak to you over your face about the relationship and its future.

  6. Behave properly and follow some principles while you talk. These archer ladies are idealistic and can unfold themselves only on front of honest and fair people. Be truthful, generous and chivalrous to win her heart over.

  7. Try to keep her happy throughout the time you spend with her because she hates being bored. The procedure is easy-take her to outdoors, don’t impose your feelings on her, don’t expect a commitment within hours and never ever try to curb her freedom. She is yours!

  8. From within, the Sagittarius female is vivacious and energetic and you cannot suppress that. She is very adventurous and daring-some uncanny traits seldom found in women. Respect that and you will get a wonderful companion for life.

Spontaneous Sagittarians are the best choices for a fun filled date. They are not only athletic and energetic but Sagittarius are also known to possess a vibrant and expansive personality- like a free bird. They like to be in motion so spending time with them will be nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

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