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How to Date a Sagittarius Man

If you are recently bowled over the man who turns out to be Sagittarius, and really serious about him, here are some guidelines to mark an impression on him:

  1. Don’t expect he will take you to an expensive restaurant because a Sagittarius man doesn’t like to spend unnecessarily on something that’s not needed at all. However that doesn’t mean that he will compromise on the fun factor. He will escort you to an amusement park or a sporting event and show that romancing a lady doesn’t means expensive wines or exclusive dinners.

  2. You must be well groomed with your pedicures and manicures done before you date this man. He likes women who are well dressed and look neat. He will greet you with a 1000 watt smile on the date, which will surely be at the rocking mountains or climbing hills, as he is adventurous by nature.

  3. He likes anything that’s playful, casual, flirty, colorful and full of fun. He enjoys his freedom and doesn’t like to be fenced within the barriers of relationship. He seeks variety in everything-be it romance or conversations. Quickly change the topics of conversations while you are with him. Stick to lighter and casual topics.

  4. He is a perfect player-he has loads of energy within him and never wants to spend them in one place. He gets bored with everything including women very quickly and you need to keep that in mind. Never allow him to get bored while he is with you on a date. Keep on doing something to keep his interest up.

  5. Avoid being demanding. For Sagittarians, dates are meant for fun and excitement and not meetings for marriage proposals. He likes women who have an intelligent sense of humor and makes him laugh a lot. He cannot get along with nagging and clingy individuals or people discussing serious issues of life.

  6. Show your intellect. A Sagittarius man gets moved by the thoughtful mind of a woman rather than well shaped physicality. He hates women who are meant for cooking in the kitchen or raising babies. He wants his companion to be someone like him-intelligent, practical, fun loving and casual.

  7. Since he doesn’t take life so seriously and thinks everything lies on “today”, he would try to keep the conversations light garnished with humor. He doesn’t like to talk about future plans. Don’t indulge him into one.

  8. You need to digest the fact that by nature, he wants to remain free throughout his life, and hence relationships are hard for him to maintain. He wants a companion with whom he can enjoy life and the very idea of being tied down frightens him. Give him space to be flexible and relax. He will come back to you for lifetime confinement.

Sagittarians are considered to be the most optimistic and energetic sign of the zodiac. They live their life to the fullest and never waste time in thinking “what will happen tomorrow”. The Archer is oriented more towards the color of variety and believes that change is the only thing constant in life. Not many people can see life in this way; isn’t it?

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