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How to Date a Pisces Woman

So getting ready to spend some quality time with your Piscean love interest? Take a brief idea about the nature of this fluid woman before asking her for a date:

  1. You must understand that your Piscean partner is ultrasensitive and being a water sign, she can be deeply mysterious like an ocean. She is creative, has high interest in music, art and theatre and is extremely visual. So you can think of a venue like a concert or a visit to an art gallery, or anywhere that has some artistic or creative pursuit. A brisk walk across a beach or lake will also do as she is stimulated by the element water.

  2. Don’t buy a lavish gift, Simple flower or chocolate will do. She is more interested in the feelings and thought than the cost. You can express love towards her through small love letters where words are dipped in intense feelings towards her. Don’t show of your material possessions. She is not interested in them.

  3. She is attractive, appealing, sweet by nature but highly emotional in terms of love and relationship. A Piscean woman wants her partner to understand and appreciate her ocean deep emotions, and reciprocate it. she doesn’t reveal her feelings at once, to anyone. You need to slowly discover her inner self. The only way you can get connected to her is through emotional pathways by exchanging feelings and thoughts.

  4. A Piscean woman is a day dreamer and likes to fantasize a lot. Talk about her dreams and yours as well. She is great in conversations and like educated and emotionally intense men. Foster her imagination and respect her creative instincts. She will fall in love with you.

  5. Pisces women like men who possess intelligent sense of humor, and spontaneous too. Be cautious while cracking a joke that should not indicate towards criticism of your Piscean love interest. You will actually offend her if you indulge her into some activity she says a “no” to. Conversations should be intense, and emotional outbursts are appreciated. You can share your deepest secrets with her as well.

  6. Be a true gentleman in front of a Piscean female. Never try to lie as these fishes swim in deep waters and can easily catch your fake attempts of impressing her. Being blessed by strong senses, she can judge any man accurately. Express your genuine feelings towards this woman and she will fall for your honesty and truthfulness.

  7. Pay attention to her. Your little forgetfulness will be treated as disrespect and your light, funny attitude will be marked as “not serious about relationship”. Be conscious that the lady in front is very intense and takes everything in relationship with gravity. Hence don’t be casual in words or actions.

  8. Be clear and straightforward while you deal with your Piscean date. She gets emotionally hurt if you lie or hide anything to her. Tell her straightaway if you want her in your life with full emotions and truthfulness. If you get connected to her mentally, you will see how easy it is to spend the rest of your life with her.

If you are to choose one word to define these passionate, mysterious, affectionate folks coming under the sun sign of Pisces- it will be deep and strong emotion and nothing else. Living in their own world of dream and fantasy, which is far from others, some people find them extremely complex and mystical.

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