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How to Date a Pisces Man

A Piscean male is complex nature and not everyone can understand the intense and depth of this individual while thinking about a relationship. Here are few tips to know him well:

  1. Remember, you are dating a dreamy and artistic fellow, hence be dressed in such a way that appeals his exotic sense of style and art. Perfect feminine clothing coupled with matching jewelry and perfume will make him look at you and get lost in his own world of fantasy. Since he likes that, he will like you also.

  2. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride once you are with this guy. He has strong and intense outlook towards love and wants a woman who can reciprocate it equally. He will never gush out his true emotions to you unless he is sure about your intensity of emotional setup. You must care for his emotional needs; else he is not for you.

  3. Talk about art and culture while the conversation is on. Brush up your knowledge about movies and music and get ready for hour long discussions and criticisms. His intuition power is beyond question and he loves to live in his own world of fantasy. Not everyone can be a part of that mystical world, but once you are, you stay there forever.

  4. If you are planning for a casual date and willing to spend few hours and forget, don’t date a Piscean male. He takes every moment spent together as a precious feeling shared between, and will remember each intricate detail. When in love they prefer long term relationships with one woman. So make him feel that you are one who can be a lifelong partner.

  5. Through your intelligent and witty conversations, make him understand that you can support him, mentally and fiscally. He likes women who are strong willed and good with handling finances. Any type of casual approach will be a turn off for him. He likes women to whom they can rely upon.

  6. Romance tightly coupled with high emotional outcomes is something he cherishes. Genuine feelings are important than flattering words. Don’t pour out everything on the first date; he likes mysterious women who slowly reveal themselves out. Excess exuberance or flamboyance is rejected.

  7. He is an extremely caring and loving fellow who can very quickly sense what is going inside you. if you have some problems in life and need a solution, share it with him. He likes women who gush out their feelings to him, because that gives him a chance to fantasize and imagine. This will also help you to develop the emotional bridge between the two for further dates.

  8. Mental connection is important. Talk to him; try to discover the inner soul with patience and tolerance. Sometime he might appear to you very reserved, as he doesn’t let his inner feelings go for an exhibition. It is you who have bring his true self out of his shell and it can be only done once you are able to pin deepest core of his heart. He will submit himself to you forever.

Pisces can be called as an asset to the world when it comes to selfless love. Their love is limitless, full of emotions and difficult to handle for many. However once captured they can be the most loyal and faithful partners for anyone to lead a wonderful life ahead.

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