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How to Date a Libra Woman

So you want to get some knowledge about the beautiful and graceful lady whom you are dating nowadays? Check these pointers out so that you can deal with these calm and assuaging ladies:

  1. You must not forget that you are dating a lady who is social, and amicable. So take her to a place which is almost crowded like a gathering or a party to spend some time with her. But the place must be romantic and elegant as she hates anything that is trashy.

  2. Dress in your best suit as physical appearance matters to her a lot. A sweet smile can do wonders and she falls for well behaved, happy go lucky kind of guys. A Libran woman is attracted towards aroma, so put your best cologne before you try to hold her in your arms.

  3. A Libran lady is blessed with the natural sense of grace and elegance. She likes to decorate- her home or herself so for a gift, beautiful wall hangings, elegant candlesticks, nicely decorated picture frames or antiques will be finely accepted. She likes elegance and anything that is beautiful. Keep it in mind hence.

  4. Romance is something that turns her on. So while on date, if you are romantic, flaunt it to her. Conversation may lead to poetic verses or exchanging love thoughts and she will reciprocate wholeheartedly. Don’t be surprised if you find her little flirty – that’s her nature. Strange but true, you can play card games or board games or stuff similar to that with her.

  5. During the date, conversations can flow easily and every topic can be raised. Libran ladies have well balanced temperatures and are diplomat by nature. So your opinions won’t hurt her. Never raise a dark, gloomy subject to debate over, this will make her lose interest in you.

  6. Typically, a Libran will never give you any one sided opinion as she is very fair and never partial to anything. So never create a situation where she has to take a side and give a verdict. She will be uncomfortable and get irritated.

  7. You Libran date likes those who are strong, ambitious, bright and loving. Being ruled by Venus, she always appreciates something which is beautiful and classy. She is attracted towards positive virtues of a man. If you have them, you have her.

  8. She appreciates truth and honesty-emotional craps are rejected. So while the date is on, keep everything around you bright and cheerful. Enjoy the eve with smile and charm.

Have you recently got attracted towards that charming and graceful individual and come to know that he is a Libran? Ruled by Venus, these are peace-loving folks are champions when it comes to build and maintain interpersonal relationships. They always want to be fair and justified in all dealings and actions.

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