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How to Date a Libra Man

Some useful tips to know before your date a Libra man!

  1. Your appearance during the date matter a lot. You must be dressed in a beautiful gown and wear proper accessories and makeup. Smiling sweetly will attract him towards you. He likes to be fascinated by beauty and your decent sex appeal may seduce him also. A romantic dinner, with the finest wines and good food may make him come closer to you.

  2. During conversation definitely avoid anything that might lead to an argument as your Libra man hates conflicts. He has a fair view towards everything in life and dislikes being partial. Instead you can talk about issues which do not raise any controversies like the latest movie you have watched or the last book you have read.

  3. Don’t take it badly if he flirts with you. He likes to flatter the lady in front just to grab that extra attention. They like to spend quality time with sensuous females near a cozy fire indulged into romantic or sexual conversations. He loves to make the lady comfortable and please her anyway.

  4. Don’t think that a fair complexion or a perfect ten figure can woo him to be in a long term relationship. You need to have a warm heart and beautiful mind to attract his inner soul as well. He would go for a girl who possesses everything in equilibrium-beauty, intelligence, sensitivity and knows how to keep a balance between all. Keep these things in mind.

  5. He likes a woman who is open minded, so while you are on date, don’t show him an angry face if he turns her head around towards another lady. You need to understand he is an extremely charming and attractive man and he enjoys when people interact with him. Hence don’t expect him to very apt loyal to you. He won’t.

  6. Your Libra man likes to be in harmony and tries to keep everything in a balanced way. He is quality specific and very refined when it comes to certain matters- especially romance.

  7. A Libra man usually likes a woman who does not fall for him immediately. However it is very difficult to resist his charm but you need to show him that you are hard to get, and he will invest his entire life to woo you and please you. That will be one way to hold him to you.

  8. You will find a Libra guy very chivalrous and courteous by nature. He can shower you with money and expensive gifts while you are on date with him. Don’t however, misuse his generosity. He believes in fair play and immediately and has an extreme sense of balance. So if he finds you are playing mind games, he will soon find him in proximity with other women.

The easy going nature as well as the natural charm of these good looking Librans makes them popular among admirers. The keen sense of humor and the tactful nature keeps the critics happier as well. They are best choices for casual but romantic date.

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