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How to Date a Leo Woman

Before you take a single little step to date the “queen of the beasts”, there are lots of things which you should concentrate upon:

  1. You must remember that you are dating a woman who is very romantic, passionate and intense with a devoted heart. So choose a place that has an ambience to suit her royal charm and grace, like a good restaurant or a concert. Notice that she would always try to be the centre of attraction. Try to arrange some musical treat for her like playing her favorite song, and dedicate that to her name, loud and clear. This probably would be the best gift for her.

  2. As long as you are with her, constantly keep on complementing her. Praise her evening gown or say something good about the hairdo. Give her a royal and lavish treatment and show her the due respect. Ignore her weaknesses and highlight her strengths.

  3. Draw her attention with your intellect and crack witty jokes so that she can laugh open heartedly, with grandeur. She might compare you with the other men around, quietly accept her criticism but don’t reciprocate.

  4. At the first glance she might seem to you to be snooty, but that’s her natural warmth and intensity. Try to make her feel that you need her in your life and appreciate the way she has helped you to serve the food during dinner. Let her be the lead for the evening because she likes to dominate and wants to boss over.

  5. You must be aware of the fact that she can start fighting at anything under the sun. Be prepared and try to avoid issues that might ignite controversies. She likes to argue and asks for reasons. Get ready with a list.

  6. She is very ambitious and wishes to touch the sky one day. She thinks herself to be the queen and possesses dynamic persona with a fine sense of independence. So guide her, don’t try to control. She might tease you by poking fun at you. Learn to tolerate them.

  7. She is extremely passionate and vibrant when it comes to romance. So if you are expressing your feelings, add some dramatic lines and exaggerations to bring out her romantic intensity. She will reciprocate in a similar fashion.

  8. Remember; never outshine your lioness while on date. If you possess some attributes better than her, never boast about that while on date. Let her be the queen who excels in everything she does. You become her slave for the evening.

Want to explore the inner world of the individual with the element of fire inside? Yes, it is the fifth sign of zodiac-the Leo, in question. A Leo always seeks attentions and warmth when it comes to personal relationships. This fiery, buoyant, and enthusiastic person can emerge out as a terrific lover as well as a wonderful friend. Why don’t you check this list out for further clarifications?

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