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How to Date a Leo Man

You must remember that everyone cannot handle the Lion of the Sun signs and a proper chemistry is essential in order to take the relationship further. Here are few tips:

  1. Dress in your best evening gown or costliest shoes with a lavish hairdo. Your Leo date like women with a crispy taste and style. He will obviously take you to the best restaurant in the city and spend money on you lavishly, even if he doesn’t have much. This is his natural instinct of showing you the warmth and passion or his extravagant gestures of affection and you won’t mind it either.

  2. Show high-self esteem and be confident. A Leo cannot spend time with an individual whom they can't respect. They like strong and independent women. Don’t pretend and be natural showing him what you really are like.

  3. Respect him throughout the evening. If you do, he will reciprocate in a better way. If you don’t, he will take it as an insult and would never like to be in a long term relationship with you. Pamper him, praise him, give him full attention and he will be yours for ever.

  4. Usually, a person born under the zodiac of Leo is bossy by nature, and it is prominent among the males. He likes to take the charge of everything, and likes women who are independent but submissive to his requirements. So during conversations, be careful when you talk about your achievements and accomplishments. That must not overshadow his own.

  5. Almost all Leo men love to be the center of attraction where ever they go. If possible, help him to be one. For example allow him to guide or even direct you. If you meet a friend of yours, while you with you Leo man, praise him as if he is Greek God and see how he shines at the middle of your adoration.

  6. Highlight on his virtues and try to avoid his vices. Remember you are in a Lion’s den and he will pounce over you with his super-ego if hurt. Compliment his attire or his sense of humor, genuinely and just not to get his attention. Make sure you laugh at his jokes even if they are not rib tickling, or crack a one which is funnier. He will take it by heart.

  7. Get ready for some dramatic romance while on date with a Leo. It will be full of passion and energy, as if you are watching an opera or a movie. Romancing a Leo is fun actually and you will never feel that you have had enough of it. Romantic gestures, walks on beach, candlelit dinners, dancing to soft music are some tried and tested tools to woo a Leo man.

  8. Leo males are very loyal when it comes to love. Grab him with both hands and make him feel that you can reciprocate as well. He is passionate and possessive about his girl, and with all your feelings, don’t give him a chance to be worried. Make him feel secure about your life long existence in his life.

A Leo needs loads of attention and affection in a relationship from his partner. You really need to be conscious while you are trying to tame this royal beast, but believe it or not, that’s not tough.

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