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How to Date a Gemini Woman

For those who want to get into a relationship with the Gemini, one thing is for sure, even if you do not get a life partner in the person, a great friend is guaranteed. Being ruled by mercury, this intelligent talkative, curios but versatile personality will charm you a lot and leave a positive impression.

For a quick tour of how to impress this physically and mentally active lady, check the following points so that you can easily handle the “gem”.

  1. Choose the venue of the date to be an amusement park or a crowded mall as she loves outdoor adventures and excitement. Anything lively, filled with stimulation attracts her. Wear casuals, because she herself doesn’t like formality in anything. If you are planning to gift her, choose something that has novelty. Buy a gadget like a cell phone or unusual watches or brainteasers or books. She will be delighted.

  2. Gemini females talk a lot. So the moment you meet her, get ready to share thoughts and ideas in details. They can talk about almost anything under the sun. She is very social and you will be never bored with her. A handsome face of a well built chest cannot impress her at all; you need to have brain to win over her heart.

  3. Your Gemini date is a free spirit, so don’t ask her to be traditional or impose rules on her. They love freedom and independence over anything else in life. She has lots of friends and can go to any extent to retain friendship with them. So never ask her to leave her friends, she will rather leave you.

  4. Get ready to do something impulsive. She enjoys being active every time. So don’t confine her within the four walls of restaurants and keep moving, it might be weird, even reckless, but believe it or not, you will mark an impression. She likes changes as she is very independent by nature.

  5. Remember, as long as the date continues, keep on entertaining her. Crack witty jokes, make her laugh and keep her alive. The moment you stop, she will droop down and get bored. Not a good sign for taking the date further!

  6. If you are expert in something, reveal that and try to teach it to her. Gemini individuals specially ladies respect knowledge and like people who possess it. She will remain connected to you forever and eventually fall for you.

  7. Make her feel that you are her priority. Show her that she is secure in your arms and will be loved a lot once she gives a green signal, but doesn’t have to give up her individuality and freedom.

A Gemini lady appears to be very enchanting to men. When she steps into a long term relationship she needs a man who is intellectually stimulating, very patient, versatile and never possessive. Can you relate yourself with these? If yes, then you are a perfect match for her.

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