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How to Date a Gemini Man

Would you like to know the characteristic traits of the charming Gemini man with whom you will be out for a date soon? Check these out:

  1. It is very easy to date a man born under this sun sign as he will be an individual whom you can approach anytime. He will be the first one to break the silence while on date and keep you mentally active throughout. So when you are out with him, be rest assured that you will have a great time.

  2. Gemini men love to converse and gossip. Intelligence and humor turns them on. He speaks out his heart uncut and unedited. They are very good story tellers, and sometimes you may get different versions of the same story. Don’t question him, simply enjoy his opinions about politics, people, art, culture and try to win over him.

  3. You must be aware while you a date, you keep the verbal interactions to light but witty things as they hate heavy and serious issues. Don’t be clingy. He will fall for you if he finds you social, humorous, and Spontaneous.

  4. Give him a topic to discuss as he is with you because he likes to be constantly engaged into something or the other. Listen to him carefully and keep it going on. Make sure you do not allow any emotional angle your Gemini as he truly dislikes crying faces and melodramatic outcomes. He will get bored soon and will never date you again as he will feel that you are “boring”.

  5. Don’t talk about marriage or family while you are dating him as he is usually not interested in these while he is hanging around. Show that you are open minded and a free thinker. Never try to limit him within confinements; he will never come back to you.

  6. Don’t feel jealous if during the date, he keeps on talking about other girls whom he calls “friends” or suddenly meets someone with over-enthusiasm. By nature he is flirtatious and you can do nothing about that other than listening to him and showering him with positive comments

  7. Remember, a Gemini man is a sensitive soul. He can withstand a person who is not trustworthy. So avoid playing mind games, he will catch that and then, you will not be able to catch him ever.

  8. Gemini men are super romantic. His natural charm is enough to keep you happy as long as you are with him if and only if you don’t bore him. Constantly interact with him and be active as the evening progresses for a nice end.

Gemini is the world best date. They are charming, good natured, and generous as well creative and imaginative about anything under the sun. You will be impressed by their bright mischievous persona and mental magic. You will feel that a date with a Gemini is like an entertaining show that never comes to an end.

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