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How to Date a Capricorn Woman

When you are unable to decide how to behave around the girl who happens to be a Capricorn, you can go through the following points to navigate inside the mind of her:

  1. Looks matter a lot to your Capricorn sweetheart. She doesn’t mind if you are in casuals or a formals but you cannot afford to look shabby. Choose the venue to be a museum, or an opera. If it is a restaurant, it should be a classy and fancy one. An intellectual movie or some aesthetic art show would earn you good points. For gifts, rely upon something meaningful. She hates meaningless staff.

  2. A Capricorn woman is very controlled as far as emotions are concerned. She will appear to you very reserved and shy too. She is much matured and never expresses herself in public. While you are in a date together never expect her to over expose herself or show her flamboyance. She will never like that.

  3. She is extremely ambitious and is always trying to climb upwards in order to fulfill her goals and objectives. The reason is obvious, she is very ambitious. Independent on her own way she prefers career over her personal life. So while on date, you must respect her professional achievements and never ask her to forgo that for family. She will never date you again.

  4. While conversations are on, talk about career; ask about her future goals and how she portrays herself five years hence. She is practical and thoughtful, choose topics relevant to that. Never raise debates over trivial matters. Capricorn females appreciate prestige and status and often are inclined to men who are higher to her in every aspect. If you are one, you are lucky.

  5. Your Capricorn love interest hates losing-anything under the sun. So let her win the debate on the dinner table. Don’t forget she is traditional in thinking but trendy at actions. She dislikes the “over the top” actions during dates like extravagant and luxurious parties. So avoid doing them. Never flirt with her.

  6. Planning the date prior hand is important. She doesn’t like confused or messy men. For her, a date is like a business meet, in a subtle way. She is serious and sometimes mistaken to be dry and dead while expressing her feelings. Don’t get surprised if she says she will pay half of the dinner bill. That’s not arrogance- She is a woman who possesses a strong sense of individuality. Admire that. That’s rare.

  7. Don’t think she is not fun to be with. A Capricorn lady will initially seem to be a tough nut to crack, but once you are able to gel with her, she can give a quality time to be remembered. All you need to have is the required patience to let her be comfortable to you and express her inner self to you.

  8. Don’t forget you are dating a sensible and intelligent woman, who in spite of being successful has her feet firmly stuck on ground. Respect that and see how she turns out to be a person who will remain with you at every odd hour.

It is difficult to ignite the fire of romance and love in this hardworking, goal oriented and “work is everything” folks-the Capricorns. They are extreme introverts in matters related to heart. But they are wonderful partners for a long term relationship as they are more prone to marriage than to romance.

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