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How to Date a Capricorn Man

If the man who has started coming to your dreams recently is reserved and solid in behavior, you must check whether he is a Capricorn or not. If he is, here are some fruitful tips to impress this man:

  1. Your Capricorn partner likes women who are simple-by nature or by attire. So prefer subtle simple colors of gowns while you are about to date out. He hates anything flashy and dislikes show off. Nothing can impress him other than your simplicity and natural charm.

  2. Your sweet, but intelligent speeches will impress him the most. Never be rude or loudmouth. He hates such women. He himself is practical and sensible, and expects the same in his partner. Raise practical topics. He prefers logic in everything-even in romance. He hates fairy tales and cannot stand prince meets princess concepts. For him life is a truth and there is no place for fantasy.

  3. He is over matured than his age. Don’t be surprised if your Capricorn partner starts dreaming of signing a business contract at teenage-that’s his nature. He has a business approach to life and believes in material success than anything else. Appreciate his dry sense of humor and cold approach to something warm as romance. Patience is the keyword with this man.

  4. He likes strong willed women, whose actions match their speeches. Anything casual or “happy go lucky” in you may take his interest off from you. Show that you are matured enough to match his. He likes women who can lead everything from the front- be it his household or relationship. If you are planning for a casual relationship, don’t date a Capri.

  5. Don’t play mind games, he will catch that and hate that too. Your Capricorn man is honest, serious, and straightforward. He hates women who are clingy and waste time in weeping over hard luck. You don’t need to be the world’s most beautiful lady, but if you have a solid persona, you have won him.

  6. Your Capricorn sweetheart is a down to earth, practical fellow. So better you treat the date as a job interview where you two can discuss more about future, or what can be done if you two unite together, for a better tomorrow. Talk about career, business, achievements, material success. Don’t ask him to bring the moon or stars for you; he does not commit what he can’t.

  7. Be controlled, composed and calm during the date. Your maturity, class and poise will definitely draw his attention. Show him you are there to help him climb up the staircase of his objectives in life. Show him you are productive and not among those who live on others money. He will respect you and hence love you.

  8. Your Capricorn partner prefers relationships that are as solid and grounded just like his personality. If during first few dates, his interest level rises, he will talk marriage and settlement. Appreciate and say an immediate "yes" to it. If you don’t, you have lost him, as he will move on because he is not among those guys who run after woman. It’s more like a deal-take it or leave it.

Capricorns are not well known for great courtships, but they are good choices for a secured life, as they view a love affair as the first step towards a rock-solid marriage. They are the pillars of strength for their lovers and you will have a great life with them.

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