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How to Date a Cancer Woman

Are you completely fascinated by the beautiful, sweet natured, girl with a translucent skin and lunar charm? Here are some tips to win her heart to lead a near to perfect life with this lady:

  1. Your cancer lady is extremely disciplined. Don’t take her to a disco or a pub. Choose a restaurant with a candle light dinner arranged, or a museum less crowded, or a move theatre while dating her. Pick something that is homely like candles, slippers, cookbooks, home decors etc. Pearl can be a wonderful choice for her.

  2. Be direct and honest-in words and actions. A Cancer female likes men who are sincere too. If you are with her for a short term relationship, let her know straightaway. If you are for a long term, do the same. Never try to hide, as for her relationship is built on trust. Once you break it, you actually break her.

  3. Don’t expect during a date, she will make the first move. It is you who has to propose first, even if she feels the same, she would never initiate. But she will willingly accept your feelings and reciprocate with greater intensity and cling to you till she dies. For a cancer female- be it a man or a book, if it is her’s, it is forever.

  4. Remember you are dealing with a lady who is very tough from outside but extremely soft from within. Genuine sincerity from your side earns you more points. She is never attracted to your material possession or educational qualifications, but you must be well behaved, cultured and experienced. That all.

  5. Emotions play a very important role in her life. Never hurt it-as she is extremely vulnerable. If you do, she will permanently cutoff all ties with you. She has a photographic memory and can count you your silliest mistake years after. She needs a partner to can satisfy her emotional needs rather than physical.

  6. You cancer lady is extremely moody-because of the lunar influence on her zodiac. Just like the tides in the ocean, once you can find her vivacious and talking too much, and just after few minutes she can turn out to be gloomy and sad. That’s natural and you need to handle the mood swings with care.

  7. A cancer female is a born homemaker. That doesn’t make her less career oriented but at the end of the hectic day, she finds peace at her own home and nowhere else. If your cancer girlfriend is ready to go to your home after the date to meet your parents, take that as a clue she is serious about you in long term.

  8. Don’t criticize her during the date, even if you find some valid points. She will never hit you back with a sting but will immediately get into her shell for a permanent hibernation. You can bet that she is flooding the shell with her tears and will never let you see that. This can last for ages; you will never be able to see her again. She will come out when she wants, no matter you spent the rest of your life waiting for the retreat.

  9. Show her that she will be emotionally secure if she falls in love with you. Believe it or not, cancer women never fall in love easily; she will go for you only if she feels you will never leave her. Once you pass the test, she will start planning for marriage. She is extremely sensitive when it comes to love and never ever hurt her feelings. In return you get a sweet, caring, affectionate woman who will turn your home to heaven.

Is the person whom you are recently dating shows you frequent mood swings perfectly combined with emotional changes? Check out the sun sign-it must be the “crabby” cancer. The reason is simple; it is the only sign in the zodiac which has a variety when it comes to character traits.

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