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How to Date a Cancer Man

If you have fallen for a man who shy and reserved and yet lovable and charming, here are the tips to know more about his character, for a successful date:

  1. Your cancer Boyfriend likes you in feminine attire, so avoid jeans and t shirt and put on your best evening gown while you are on date. Matching jewelry will draw his attention. Cancerians are especially attracted towards perfume, so don’t forget to garnish yourself with a flowery scent.

  2. If you are a woman who changes boyfriends like you change your clothes, a Cancer man is not for you. For him, a love affair is a life-long affair. He is highly emotional and wants a woman who can satisfy the needs.

  3. He will charm you on the first date but never come forward to say he loves you. You need to utter them first. Wondering why? Number 1; he is shy and reserved and can’t open up his heart to every woman. Number 2, he is afraid of being rejected. Your first move gives him a secure feeling that you really love him. That’s important for him as far as relationship is concerned.

  4. He is very polite, full of etiquette and courtesy. He is loyal and traditional and expects the same. Don’t tell him about your night out tales with your male friends, he is a one woman’s man and expects the same from the counterpart. He is faithful and trustworthy. You be the same.

  5. While the conversations are on, talk more about family, as you are in conversation with a complete family man. Tell him how much do you adore your mom and will do the same with his as well. He will give you full marks for that and get ready for wedding bells to ring.

  6. Communicate your emotions frequently to him. Say that you love him the most every time you meet. The more emotionally connected you are with him, better will be the rapport. He will tell you his most inner feelings and be a great companion for life time.

  7. Never try to make him jealous by talking about your ex boyfriends and current male friends. This doesn’t work in his case. He will feel that he is “unwanted” and will permanently cut off all connections with you. You need to make him feel that he is badly needed else you may end up with your life. He will never leave you.

  8. He likes to talk about his past life. You will fall for his razor sharp memory and see how well he can narrate to you about the first day in school or about his birthday 10 years ago. Talk to him with interest in his family life to build the trust. He must feel you can be his emotional mate.

  9. A cancer male is drawn towards a lady if he finds a wife material in her, because in that case, building a family will be faster and easier. Ladies who can love deeply, are appreciated. Tell him that you are interested in homely affairs like cooking, have a maternal instinct and at the same time can handle a well balanced professional life too.

Cancerians are very sensual, passionate, caring and loving individuals, they can be wonderful lovers and excellent partners for life time. You will feel secured and safe around them and spend a great life.

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