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How to Date An Aries Man

It is not easy to tame this ram, but with a little research about his diverse persona you can make him fall for you. Check the characteristic traits of an Aries male, for a successful date:

  1. If you get the opportunity to decide where to meet, choose an adventurous place like a sports ground which happens to be his favorite. You can also choose a busy lounge or a crowded mall and never choose a lonely secluded place. He might not turn up!

  2. He himself being very strong willed, straight forward and active human being likes women who are independent and self made. He is romantic and enjoys the fun and excitement of a lovely evening with a charming lady. More than your beauty, he is interested in your wit and conversational skills. You can impress him through an intellectual conversation about a lively topic or a healthy debate.

  3. Honesty is one weapon you can use to win over him. If you are trying to impress him by pretending what you are not, he will immediately catch your lies. He likes when you give him attention, so do it genuinely and don’t be fake. You will surely win his heart.

  4. Let him lead the evening. Let him decide the venue, the food and even the flavor of the ice cream to end with. You will like the energy and enthusiasm he will exhibit because by nature he likes to take charge of everything and likes to win over the person in front.

  5. For an Aries male, relationships are like games where they can win over. So they hate women who are timid and easily fall for them. Try to grow his interest in you and let him feel that you are someone who is “hard to get”. See how he enjoys the thrill of “winning” you in his life.

  6. Complement him whenever you get a chance as the evening progresses. He hates flattering but likes genuine positive comments about themselves. Say that you like a particular habit of his and love to follow that.

  7. Don’t try to confine him within rules and regulations of a relationship, he swears on his freedom. He is inquisitive, loves to discover new things even in relationships. He like interactions and loves to be challenged. So don’t say a yes to anything he says, counter it and give your opinions. He will like that.

  8. Aries men like to be physically active and don’t like to spend a whole evening at one place. So you can ask him to take to for a short walk or a carriage ride after the dinner is over.

Marriages are made in heaven but dates are never. Try to win over this extremely level headed, hot blooded, warm hearted, sensible Arian with your natural charm. Even if you have fallen in love with him as the evening ends, don’t utter those words. Let him be the initiator here also and wait for his call at night. You be rest assured that this date is going to be a beginning of a very long lasting and strong relationship.

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