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How to Date an Aquarius Woman

If you have a brief idea about the astrological traits of this lady you are expected to spend a nice time. Learn a few tips before you try to impress her on a date:

  1. Your Aquarian lady loves to hang around places that are either intellectual or fun filled. You can think of internet cafes or some intellectual. If restaurant is an option, try to figure out a recently opened one. Aquarians prefer anything new or different from the previous one. A midnight bike ride of a dogmatic rally can excite her.

  2. For a lovely gift for your Aquarian love interest, choose something out of the track. A unique art piece, a telescope (since she loves astronomy), newest electronic gadget or a software game will please them greatly. A trendy t shirt or anything new in fashion will be acceptable willingly.

  3. While on date, conversation is important because they prefer intellectual partners. Once they find that in you, approach for friendship, because mostly an Aquarius woman cannot be in a long term relationship, if you are not the best of the friends. With friendship you get a chance to increase the intimacy.

  4. She is youthful, bubbly, energetic and always up to doing something. So make the date as happening as possible. Avoid anything which is boring or leads to take her spirit away from her. She will never date you again.

  5. Aquarian ladies like to be independent and are free in thinking. They dislike emotional craps and hence limit the topics of conversations to general and never raise issues of long term commitments, marriage or anything serious and heavy. She doesn’t like to be controlled so give her a free space and let her open up her heart.\

  6. An Aquarian lady is a free spirit. She is somewhat rebellious in nature and sometimes eccentric too. You need to be ready with some unexpected behavior during the date. That’s natural for her. Don’t discontinue showing your interest. She will be yours.

  7. Aquarian ladies are great conversationalists, and highly active mentally. They cannot sit at one place and something is going inside her mind always. She likes to have fun and give fun. All you need to have is patience and perseverance with her.

  8. Usually Aquarians do not want to get involved into romantic relationships as they feel that’s a confinement, which they strongly dislike. But once they are into one, they can turn out to be extremely loyal. Respect her, appreciate and accept her quirky instincts.

Just like their sign, the water bearer, which quenches the thirst of the world with the live saving water, Aquarians gift the world with their innovative ideas and new thoughts. These genius souls are capable of churning out something unusual and amazing. They can impress the world with their original and inventive though process.

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