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How to Date an Aquarius Man

To date you Aquarius male, you need to be a strong woman with loads of patience to handle their strange and unusual habits or behaviors. Here are few more tips:

  1. Friendship is the beginning of every relation, and it is true for an Aquarian male. If you are interested in a love relation, be his friend first. A free spirited friendship gives them a sense of independence. There should be no conditions and a selfless but true companionship is what he is looking for.

  2. Don’t try to tame them or keep them under vigilance. Give him adequate space, and if they feel they are fenced with you, they will never turn back to you. Never be clingy, or nagging towards him. See how he slowly unfolds his feelings to you.

  3. When you date an Aquarian male, try to think logically and analytically, and less emotionally, just like he does. You might find him somewhat detached as far as emotions are concerned. Their minds rules over their heart and hence always approach him with intellect and sharpness.

  4. Since he is a bit laid back and carefree, you need to make the first move. He is an open minded fellow always interested in exploring something new. He looks for similar minded partners and if you can be, he will be yours forever.

  5. Aquarian males are famous for being unromantic. They don’t bring flowers and chocolates for the lady on date. Don’t expect that and give him some quality time spent together. Show that more than gifts and stuff you are more interested in intellect and presence.

  6. While the conversations are on, conflicts may arise. You need to give him time to logically think over the matter than answering you back immediately. In this case you may find your partner lashing out at you with anger. So give him some time to cool off. He will regret and later resolve the issue.

  7. Don’t rush to convert your relationship from being friends to being “special” friends. You Aquarian partner use his head more than his heart while making decisions and are never in a hurry. Give him time to think over you and let him enjoy the journey of falling in love.

  8. Carefree and daring, for this man, life is an adventure. He doesn’t want to get into any committed relationship, because he feels that would confine him to one woman, whereas he likes to explore more. To keep him glued to you for the rest of the life, you need to step into his shoes and think alike. He will remain within your arms forever.

Intellectual, analytical and creative, the water bearer Aquarian has a friendly nature and can count upon many pals. These people march to the beats of their own drums and never needs a ringmaster in his life. Try to win over their heart with your natural charm and they will be the loyal and supportive partners for the rest of your life.

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