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Dating the Zodiac

While dating an individual you may be exposed to various person traits of that individual which is highly dependent on his zodiac sign. A little knowledge beforehand may give you a fair idea how to handle him in case you are thinking in long term.

The Aries woman you are dating, is a forceful and exciting female. Independent as well self motivated she likes men who respect her freedom. Don’t try to master her, be at par. She will help, encourage and love you throughout her life. Similarly, an Aries man loves an adventurous life. He prefers a short lived but an exciting relationship. Allow him to lead and often challenge him! Don’t submit yourself, he like women who are hard to get. Be cautious as he is short tempered.

A Taurus woman is down to earth, loyal, supportive but masters the art of seduction. She loves to pamper men expects the same in return. Sensitive from within but stubborn from outside, she never forgives men who break her trust. A Taurus man is sensible, practical, patient and never chooses women in haste. Truly romantic from within, he will look for stability in relationship than a casual fling. If you want a committed and long lasting relationship, he is the best choice.

A Gemini woman can be your best friend. For a casual flick, she is the best. She likes witty, quick minded men, and hates boring dates. Exciting and enchanting- you can’t get her off the mind. If you like to date an enthusiastic, creative, talkative, clever and witty man, go for a Gemini guy. Don’t rule him, be his friend. He knows the best how to woo a lady, and rule her heart. He is a great conversationalist. Easy to date, a Gemini is a fun to be with.

Sensual, and dipped in deep emotions; a Cancer lady is not for every man. Trust and security are the only things she looks for in relationships. Thinking of time pass? Don’t date her. Be direct and she can be a wonderful companion for a long term relationship. A Cancer man will never approach you, but once you initiate he will turn out to be a romantic. He is loyal and faithful, meant for long and strong relationship only. You lose him if you hurt him by criticizing his actions.

One way to win the heart of the Leo woman, is to praise her and flatter her during dates. Dominating and egoistic, this woman likes men who are strong in character. She has a dazzling persona and you will be totally smitten by her royal charm. The Leo man is self-centered and somewhat unemotional but very sensitive from within. Overlook his faults, don’t nag him and love him unconditionally- he will be yours. He is passionate and involved in long term only with the “right” kind of girl.

Underneath the reserved and shy Virgo female, lies a very passionate and romantic lady who opens up only with the man she is comfortable with. One needs patience to handle her. Being conservative and simple, she is timid in love affairs. For Virgo men, respect is the word he believes in-be it a woman or the relationship with her. You can woo him with your poise and class, and never with flamboyance and exuberance. He looks for traditional and simple woman. He is loyal and very supportive.

With her natural charm, a Libra woman can attract any man on earth. She likes compliments and melodramatic approach in romance. Make her feel special. She is flirty and tries to seduce you. Libra men are very popular among ladies, because he is charming and knows how to attract women. He searches perfection in women. For a rocking date, flatter him. He will love you forever.

You can save yourself from the sting of a Scorpio lady and get a beautiful, loyal and affectionate partner for your life if you be genuine and honest. She doesn’t trust anyone but once she does, she is a wonderful human being to live with. A Scorpio male is strong and has an unavoidable sexual force inside him that draws every woman. He is sensitive and affectionate but hard to decode. He will make you feel protected and would appreciate the energy and charm he radiates.

With lots of energy and attitude, a Sagittarius woman is unconventional and adventurous. Keep her happy every time, else she will lose interest in you. Friendly and casual, she doesn’t take love so seriously at the beginning, but once she is committed she is for you only. A Sagittarius man is hard to pin initially and hates emotional craps. He will go for women for whom commitment isn’t important, as he dislikes relational boundaries. He likes daredevil women who can be companions for life time.

A Capricorn woman hates to expose her love dramatically, but deep within, she loves you a lot. She falls for classy, and chivalrous men. She is practical, smart, level headed and a wonderful person for some serious relationship. If you try to move towards a Capricorn man with emotions being your capital, no sooner you will lose him. He hides his idea of romance. Extremely faithful once committed, protective, intellectual and class conscious, this man can give you a stable and secure life in future.

Independence is one word that you need to define an Aquarian lady. She yearns for excitement, loves adventure and fun. She dislikes emotional staff. Don’t try to tie her; she is a free spirit and a lovely partner to be with. For Aquarian males you need to reach to his mind before he falls for you. He is good in conversations. Don’t nag him or try to pull him towards you by force. He likes his independence and hates emotional roller coasters.

Piscean females are very emotional but fascinating to date. Romantic in love affairs, emotion is the key word to handle her and once you are able to drill her mind, she can really be a wonderful human being to spend the rest of the life. The Piscean man has an ideal concept of romance and lives in the world of unrealistic dreams. If you can be a part of that weird world, you become a part of his life. He goes for long term relations only and you need to be sensitive enough to handle him.

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