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Why Do Older Men Date Younger Women

Some call it Sugar-Daddy Syndrome. Some opine, "He's in it for the sex and she's in it for the money".


However, studies show that an older man mostly falls for a younger woman not only because of sex, but also to get a reassurance that he is still attractive, full of vitality, and has more possibilities in life. Hollywood is full of such celebrity couples.


Take the example of Clint and Dina Eastwood or Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones – both the couples have twenty five years of age difference, pursue individual careers with zeal, are happily married and have even started family together.


  1. The Much Talked About Maturity Gap: It is generally believed that women mature earlier than men. So a difference in age where the male partner is considerably older supposedly bridges this maturity gap bringing the couple to the same plane.

  2. Men Enjoy Playing the Role of the Protector: Society has always portrayed men in the roles of the bread-earner and protector. Older men also like to conform to this role. In fact, this is the reason that this kind of relationships has been labeled as “Sugar Daddy Syndrome”.

  3. Male Ego Boost: An older man gets conscious of the aging process. He starts to feel that when women look at him, it’s not full of longing, desire or flirtation. This hurts his fragile ego. He resorts to a much younger partner to reconfirm his youth and vitality.

  4. To Bring back Youthful Spirit To Their Life: A younger woman brings a breath of fresh air to the life of the older man. She brings back the energy that he thought was fading away from his life.

  5. Fresh & Adventurous Sex Life: A younger woman will have fresh curiosity about the physical aspects of a relationship. An older man compliments her desire with his expertise and tenderness. And his lust for adventure, to explore new horizons also gets fulfilled in the process.

  6. Sow Seeds of Future Generation: It is human nature to want to beget. Women’s biological clock starts its anti-clock wise ticking much earlier than that of a man. A younger woman has better chances to bear children.

  7. Youth Means Less Stress Scars: A younger woman is mostly less jaded than her older counterparts. She comes with lesser baggage. Older women are sometimes divorced, widowed, and have children and other related responsibilities.

  8. Men Have Fascination For Innocence & Virginity: From times immemorial innocence and virginity of women have been hugely harped upon. Virginity of a woman fascinates a man. With lesser sex expertise, a younger woman fits into an older man’s desire for the fresh and first.

  9. When The Man Is Not Planning Long Term Commitment: Sometimes so happens that an older man has no intention of a long term commitment. He just wants an eye candy in his arms to sport at the moment. He thinks that the younger woman will eventually fall for someone of her generation.

Love begets love, love knows no rules. This holds true for all relationships. It is individuals who make or break relationships. Age is just a number when two souls gravitate towards each other.

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