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Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

It doesn’t matter if you are just now getting out there or are a seasoned pro, meeting a good man is a difficult task. 


Even with the advent of sophisticated websites to help you find a mate, this list of the top ten dating tips for women is a must to help you navigate the choppy waters of the single life. 


It is complex and, at times, infuriating, but there is nothing better than finding the right guy to share your life with. 


Work on making these hints part of your repertoire and you will be well-positioned for more than just a good time – you might just find a great relationship.


Know What You Want


Though this may seem like the most obvious of these dating tips, it is also the one many women brush aside without a second thought.  “Oh, I have my Prince Charming in mind,” they say, but few have <em>really</em> considered the characteristics of their dream guy – he is more of a general idea than a specific wish – and, thus, they end up going out with one pretender after another.


Yes, you must be tuned in to reality, but that doesn’t mean you have to drift aimlessly about.  What do you hope to have in common with him?  Start brainstorming there and see what you come up with, then pare the list down to “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” to help you stay on track.


Keep an Eye Out for Players


Much like the first tip, this one should almost go without saying.  If a guy isn’t all that serious about anything more than getting you out of your clothes, then he isn’t worth your time.  Like a cheap perfume, he will be on you one moment and leave you wanting to take a shower afterwards.  These dirtballs are, thankfully, easy to spot most of the time.


How do you figure out who the sneaky ones are?  Well, pay attention to how deeply he gets involved with you conversation-wise.  Does he ask questions to learn more about who you are or is he just a vacant stare waiting for you to finish talking so he can mention how good you look again?


Top 10 Dating Tips for Girls

There’s No Hurry


First and foremost, you must keep in mind you don’t have to get married tomorrow.


As wonderful as it is to experience the first fluttering of love, it is important to understand almost all of your dating as a teenager is to help you figure out the traits you would like a future husband to have. How important is kindness? What value do you place on opening doors? Are you into public displays of affection?


The process of dating for girls (and guys) is just as much built on learning what you want as it is having a good relationship. The big occasion where you wear a white dress and meet Mr. Right at the altar is a long way off.


Pay Attention to Your Parents


It is incredibly challenging to date while your mom and dad are around, right? Do you think they might be hanging out in the shadows for a reason other than to ruin your fun? (Don’t answer that.) Strange as it may seem, your parents were your age once. They went through the same ups and downs until they found each other – and it was less than a thousand years ago, so dating tips for girls haven’t changed that much!


In all seriousness, you must allow your parents to have some say in your relationships at this age, for two reasons: 1) You still live with them and 2) they have a knack for sensing danger. Will you still stumble? Yes. Will it hurt as bad? Probably not.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Shy Girls

Paint a Picture of Mr. Right


This first tip is one that goes across dating lines from the most outgoing to the painfully shy: know what is important to you in a potential mate.  If you ask most people, they will probably  trot out the clichés like “a nice smile” and “great sense of humor,” but those are rather superficial characteristics. 


What sort of interests would you like to share with the guy you meet?  Is he into sports?  Does he like reading science fiction?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help you keep from wasting time with the wrong men.


There’s No Pressure


It might take you a while for you to become accustomed to the idea of being out “on the prowl” but you should not feel like you have to jump off a cliff right away.  Take your time building up to the bigger steps – you wouldn’t, say, want to go on a random blind date – by opting for baby steps that gradually get you out of your comfort zone.


Keep in mind you don’t have to go through it alone.  Start out by joining a bunch of friends for dinner, then work your way down to heading to the bar with a friend before flying solo (if you ever do).


Top 10 Dating Tips for Single Mothers

Realize You Have Plenty of Options


First and foremost, before you begin to get down thinking you are the only woman who is dealing with the challenges of dating as a single parent, realize there are many out there just like you – fathers and mothers alike. What does this mean?


You have choices in terms of who you date and help for when you need a babysitter. Believe it or not, the most helpful thing you might find by building a support network is someone who can give you a night off. Once you accept there is a lot out there working in your favor, you will discover there are plenty of potential matches available.


Understand Your Wants and Needs


As you really begin your search in earnest, this will be one of the most important tips you will find: figure out what qualifies as “success” in your romantic pursuits.


Can you handle blending two families? Are you looking for a man with particular religious beliefs? What common interests would you like your guy to have? Thinking through all of this will help you come to grips with what it is you are after – and it is much easier to go on the hunt when you know that.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Teenage Girls

Pick Out Your White Dress Later


If you are like most teen girls, you are probably already fantasizing about your wedding day. (You probably have been since you could walk, huh?) It will surely be a special time in your life, but you don't feel like you need to start making plans right away. As serious as you think things are, keep in mind very few high school sweethearts end up together in the long run.


Your Parents Can Be a Great Help


It might feel like your mom and dad solely exist to ensure you are unable to have any fun whatsoever, but that's not the case at all. Their concern, as it should be, is to prepare you for the real world. This means you will have to follow their rules (which is a nice exchange for free room and board) and, occasionally, tell them about what is going on in your life.


The biggest complaint your parents will have, if you want to really get down to it, is that they feel uninvolved. They want to know what is bothering you, what makes your heart race, what leaves you flustered and confused. Share those things with them and they will probably end up being more like trusted advisers than prison wardens.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Overweight Women

Figure Out What Makes You Confident


It doesn’t matter whether you way a hundred or a hundred thousand pounds, successful dating comes down to how much you believe in yourself. This may mean you have a “perfect outfit” or even a little pre-dinner routine to help you feel good, just make sure you stick to it. Perhaps more than any of the rest of these pointers, overweight women should look for the stuff that elevates their self-worth. Once you have a solid sense of your value (which is there whether you believe it or not), you will move forward ready to take the bull by the horns.


Put Your Sense of Humor On Show


One of the biggest characteristics that makes a relationship last is the ability to keep each other laughing. Many a date ends because people find out their senses of humor are too different – he can’t resist watching a particular actor and she feels the opposite way. The best way to counteract this is be upfront about what makes you giggle until your face hurts from smiling. Throw out a few one-liners to see how they land. If you fall flat, so what? Better to know sooner than later.


Top 10 Tips for Dating an Older Woman

Make Her Laugh – About All But One Thing


An oft-reported fact is that a sense of humor is one of the most important characteristics to women. If you can get her to smile despite all the issues swirling in her life, you will have brightened her day and softened her heart. She'll love that – life is difficult enough and laughter makes it easier.


Joking about the age gap, though, is off limits. She is likely already self-conscious about it, which is why any attempt to play it off as no big deal will make it look you don't find the same things important – a recipe for trouble.


Take The Lead


If you are dating a mature woman, you might feel tempted to defer to her experience on a lot of things. Bad idea. While she will certainly appreciate your willingness to seek her opinion and wisdom, you must make the ultimate call if you are going to be respected in the relationship. Any woman that acts as though she wants total control is merely looking for a boy toy. Let her find that somewhere else.