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Top 10 Dating Tips for Teens

Though there aren’t any studies proving one way or another, it’s easy to see why adolescence is regarded as the most confusing and awkward time in your life.


Naturally, you will begin to find yourself attracted to your peers and wanting to act on that, which is why you must keep these ten dating tips for teens in mind.


With all the social pressure you face, not to mention the simple desire to feel like you fit in with the crowd, it can be tough to really enjoy your care-free years. These pointers will help you do just that – when you’re dating, at least.


Get Together in Groups


If you are like most teenagers, you have seen tons of movies of all kinds. Romantic comedies, though, will likely give you an inflated sense of what dating is like. (Hollywood does that with pretty much everything.) Here’s the real deal: going out with a bunch of friends is how relationships start at your age. You and the person you have your eye on will feel much more comfortable with others around. When that happens, you will be more relaxed and less likely to be embarrassed.


Stick to Your Guns


Temptation is a challenge you will face your whole life – we all do, whether it is snarfing down loads of junk food or gossiping about others. As a teen, though, it seems to weigh on you much more. You will have friends who are playing around with drugs or drinking alcohol, maybe even becoming sexually active. You don’t have to. In fact, if you feel like someone is building his or her opinion of you based on these things, then you are much better off finding someone different to be around.


Hold on to your core values. Those have to be non-negotiable, regardless of how cute or popular someone is.


Share Expenses – Or Avoid Them Altogether


As mentioned above, you probably have seen enough date movies to think there is a certain expectation for an evening out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Nice dinner. Artsy film. Long stroll in the park.


Wrong. Want to know a secret? All that stuff costs money. A lot of it. What you want to do is find inexpensive or free ways to hang out together. It doesn’t have to be a big production, you can have a couple of sandwiches and have a seat by the pool. Splitting a three-dollar grocery bill for a couple of sodas is way better than a meal it takes weeks of chores for you to save up for.


Fun is Your Focus


Though you will develop some deep affection for your boyfriend or girlfriend, one of the best dating tips for teens is to concentrate on having a good time. You might feel like this is the love of your life, but the chances your relationship will make it beyond high school are pretty slim. (Real talk.) If you begin to “plan for the future” too much, you’ll find it pretty difficult to enjoy the present.


Keep Yourself in Check


When you begin to explore your romantic side, it is incredibly difficult to manage all the emotions swimming through your brain. You are excited. You are bewildered. You are happy. You have doubts. This is all part of being a teenager, yet it is important that you grasp how easy it is to slide off the deep end. (Very, very easy.)


Your hormones will rage and all the changes taking place will make you lose track of your inhibitions sometimes. As things begin to get hot and heavy, take a moment to breathe and regain your composure – you’ll avoid a lot of mistakes.


Now is Not Forever


There have been a few hints to this point so far, but let’s just get it out there: you probably will not end up married. Dating as a teen is more about learning what is important to you in a future spouse and figuring out how to interact with someone in a long-term relationship. As you move into adulthood, you will be better prepared to make a marriage last by connecting with a few different people during high school, so let your past go quickly and move on to your next opportunity with a hopeful heart.


Be Safe


You probably feel like you can handle yourself pretty well – you aren’t that far from being a grown up, right? While you are certainly very capable of understanding when danger rears its ugly head, you should still take precautions to ensure you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are out of harm’s way. (There are a lot of weirdos out there.) Always carry a mobile phone with you, if possible, to make sure you can reach your parents or the police in an emergency.


Have Some Respect


Everybody is different. You know this, yet it can be difficult to identify ways in which you trivialize others. While you are out dating, how do you talk about other people? What do you discuss with your boyfriend or girlfriend? How receptive are you to his or her ideas?


Many teens are dismissive or rude. Don’t be one of them – you are setting up habits of communication for your future relationships. The less considerate you are now, the more likely you are to have trouble finding a good person to be with later.


Who You Are is Plenty Good


Feeling like an outsider? Wondering if everyone else notices your faults? Willing to do whatever it takes for people to like you?


Stop! No matter how much you think you are a freak of nature no one wants to be around, it isn’t true. Even with all your quirks and oddities – everyone has plenty of them – you are a pretty great person. Making compromises just to become part of the crowd is unnecessary. If a guy or girl doesn’t like you already, you are better off finding someone else to date.


Your Parents Are Not Your Enemies


Look, if you are like most teens, you feel like your mother and father spend all their time attempting to ruin your social life. It’s just not true. Sure, they can be a bit too protective sometimes, yet their goal is merely to ensure you are taken care of. They want you to have fun, but they are terrified by the thought of someone taking advantage of you. Be honest with them about what you like and what makes you uncomfortable. You might be surprised how friendly they become.