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Top 10 Dating Tips for Singles

Are you hopelessly falling into unrequited love?  Feeling the loneliness just in time for fall—that season of falling leaves and darker dusks? 


Don’t fret about it!  In fact, the absolute worst thing you can do if you’re feeling lovelorn is to remain at home and wallow in self-pity.  Love is a game for fighters, for adventurers.  Don’t give up.  Perhaps that’s tip #11…of course, everyone has heard the old “don’t give up” routine. 


So let’s go beyond that.  Let’s talk about the top 10 dating tips for singles who long to be single no more. 



1.Get out and meet new people


Yes, everyone knows that you had one that got away and she was your true love and now you’re forever jaded and cynical.  Hey, it happens to the best of us!  Still, just because one person broke your heart doesn’t mean that the entire dating population is out to get you.  Next time you go looking for love; do not make the same mistakes.  Have a plan and have a Plan B.  Sometimes experience really is the best teacher.


2.Keep busy


Here’s an old trick passed down from our forefathers: when you’re feeling glum get busy!  Pick up a new hobby, go out with friends or even (shudder) family members.  When you spend all those lonely nights alone, it does affect your psyche.  You begin to project lonely (and perhaps even desperate) feelings to other people.  Keeping busy and staying sociable will only help you to look—and be—a more confident person.


3.Study your flaws in advance


Perhaps the last relationship you attempted did not pan out, and perhaps it even caught you off guard.  There’s no reason to deny it existed or the things you learned during the relationship.  You can benefit yourself and make the next relationship stronger by avoiding the mistakes of the past.  


4.Date in groups…at least for a while


It can be intimidating to go out into the “wild” again when you’re out of practice or just now learning the game.  However, when your friends have your back there is always less pressure, less awkward tension and more dating opportunities.  Besides, if you get into a tough situation, a friend can always help you along or even bail you out.  Singles always seem more attractive in groups, and can pique the curiosity of a new love interest who wants to get to know you “away from the crowd.”


5.Project your most positive qualities


When it comes to dating, remember that the ultimate goal is to present yourself as an attractive, desirable person.  Therefore, you are purposely trying to downplay all the negatives—doubts, anxiety, baggage from old relationships and so on.  Don’t be content to be just a guy or a girl out on the town.  Be proud of who you are.  Proud of your activities, achievements and ambitions. 


6.Always project inner confidence


Now don’t fake deep inner confidence with posing or acting cocky.  Most singles that act cocky or behave in a mean-spirited way are overcompensating for their low self-esteem.  So instead of pretending, just focus on being relaxed, comfortable and unafraid to speak your mind.  This is what confidence feels like, and singles will find your lack of anxiety very appealing.


7.Take your search online


There is no reason to limit yourself to bars, social events and clubs.  Some of the best and longest-lasting relationships were started online, from merely joining a forum, a social media page, or just sending a few emails.  You can even try to join a few free or low-cost dating sites that can virtually introduce you to some new singles in your area.  The key is looking for someone at every opportunity.  Never give up the hunt until you find someone that’s really worthy of your attention!


8.Plan a date to remember


When you finally do get the digits and arrange for a date, have a plan in mind.  It is usually customary for men to come up with a dating idea, but in this modern world, it’s really up to the two of you to figure out something fun to do.  Just a word of caution though: don’t rely on old clichés, like going to a fancy dinner, and so on.  You really want to make an impression on your date, and this may require some “outside the box” thinking.  If you’re not one for romantic gestures, then consider instead a more informal, “non-date” experience that will allow you to talk more and not have to deal with awkward “this is a date!” tension in the room.


9.Never compromise your morals or values


You must remain strong and true to yourself or else you will be setting yourself up for an (A) bad relationship breakup, or (B) an unevenly matched relationship.  Ideally, you want to find a partner that loves you for who you are (or that is attracted to you based on your physical qualities and personality).  Changing for someone else is not only untrue to yourself but also unattractive in the eyes of others.  No one wants to marry a spineless jellyfish!


10.Embrace change


Finding a new lover or marriage mate is going to change your life for sure…so why not prepare now by changing your life?  All of the old routines and habits tend to keep you grounded and prevent you from making changes.  Instead, do something unpredictable.  Do something different.  This is the best way to change your love life!



Being single is a great joy and perhaps you are feeling the sting of loneliness at the moment.  In the meantime, as you look for your true love, appreciate the time you have for yourself.  Make time for new hobbies, new thoughts and that precious me-time that you will probably have to cut down on once you are thinking, working and living for two.  Work on yourself and your own goals.  This is the ideal opportunity.  Apply these ten tips and your luck will change.  You will be happy, in love and unstoppable!