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Top 10 Dating Tips for Men

Despite the wealth of tools available at our disposal nowadays, it seems like romantic relationships are more complicated than ever. 


A simple keyword search will reveal a lot of different opinions, but these top ten dating tips for men are timeless. 


It does not matter whether you have found yourself a cutie at the local supermarket or have picked her profile out from among the dozens of options on your favorite matching site, putting these principles into practice will give you a leg up on connecting with the woman of your dreams.


Keep Your Priorities Straight


Most guys, in searching for a potential mate, don’t think much beyond the superficial.  While physical attraction is important, there are deeper questions you must answer for yourself before leaping into the dating pool.  What is important to you – that she likes sports and music? 


Are you into running and hope she is, too?  Do you have specific beliefs that are non-negotiable?  Consider all of this before moving forward.


The bottom line: you wouldn’t buy a car without known exactly what options you wanted.  You shouldn’t  start a relationship that way, either – you will hopefully be in it much longer than five years or 100,000 miles.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Guys

Know What You Are Doing


If you are like most guys, you probably feel as though you are in the market for a soul mate.  As a teenage male, you have no business thinking about getting married any time in the near future – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use dating as a way to help you figure out what you want in a wife.


That’s why these tips start right here: this is a trial run for your real relationship.  Except for some rare exceptions, you will connect with several different girls before you find the right one.  The pressure is off!  Now go enjoy yourself!


Listen to Your Elders


Yes, your parents probably rode a dinosaur to their first date, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some good advice for you based on their dating experiences.  You might feel like their sole desire is to keep you from enjoying yourself – that’s not totally true! 


Their biggest concern is whether you are putting yourself in danger, either physically or because of a potential heartbreak.  Lean on them to understand what is appropriate and what is not, as well as if you might be around people who don’t have your best interests in mind.  Mom and Dad always will.


Top 10 Tips for Dating an Older Man

Don’t Make the Differences Seem Worse


One of the tips you positively can’t do without when dating an older man, particularly early on, is to be mindful of the stories you tell. Let’s imagine for a moment you are talking about the time you waited in line overnight to get tickets for the first showing of a blockbuster movie in eighth grade. How do you think a guy would feel if he remembered seeing the same film the summer after he got out of college?


As long as the two of you are into each other it shouldn’t matter, of course, but the opening exchanges in your relationship can instantly become awkward when stuff like this comes up.


Ignore the Prying Eyes


The larger the gap between his birthday and yours, the more you will notice other people’s curious eyes landing on you. This is natural – strangers are going to wonder about the two of you wherever you go, making assumptions about the reasons you are together and casting judgment with reckless abandon. You must not allow it to affect the way you two interact. Your relationship is about how each of you feels for the other. No one else matters.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Divorced Dads

Think Before You Get Started


As you are about to re-enter the dating world after a long hiatus, you would do well to think about what it is you want this time around. Where did things go wrong with your marriage? Was it a lack of understanding? Were your interests too different? A little bit of analysis could help you figure out what you are really looking for in a mate. That’s a big step towards actually getting what you want!


Do a Heart Check


You have been through one of the most trying, painful experiences a human being can experience. Though you are divorced and “available” again, you must be sure you are ready to move on before you start dating again. Many dads, missing out on the companionship, find themselves rushing in to new relationships before they have handled the emotional baggage that comes with a marriage ending. Don’t be that guy, it only results in more heartache.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Figure Out What You Are Looking For


Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list when you are hungry?  What ends up in your cart?  Anything and everything!  Because you haven’t taken some time to think through your trip before going, you spend more and come home with less of what you really want.  Dating is the same way: if you aren’t careful, you will buy a dinner that isn’t worth your time!


Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t go out on first dates unless you know the other person well – not all of them can be winners – but you must have a clear picture of the kind of woman you want to be with (her personality, not her looks) in order to make a love connection.


You Are Going to Make Mistakes


Most guys, shy or otherwise, spend way too much time wondering how to be perfect when approaching a woman.  They rehearse the heart-melting line and practice the smoothest conversation starters possible, then fumble over the words when the time comes to deliver them.  Is this normal?  Yes.  Is it necessary?  No.


Here’s what to do: have a few topics in mind to discuss as you begin dating and let things happen naturally.  There is no more effective way to meet a woman than to introduce yourself and ask for her name.  You will get an answer every time, then mess up something else.  Just go with it.


Top 10 Dating Tips for Teenage Guys

Realize Where You Are in Life


You might feel like people are raining on your parade, but the fact of the matter is the chances of you meeting the person you will spend your life with at this age are very slim. Of those couples that do end up tying the knot after dating as teenagers, a large percentage of them end up divorced in the future.


While that may seem like a downer, it isn’t if you understand what relationships for teenage guys are really about: figuring out what you want in a mate. After a few relationships, you will be able to paint a mental picture of the perfect person. That’s a good thing.


Mom and Dad Are On Your Side


It probably doesn’t seem like your parents are good for anything other than intruding on your life, but that’s not the case. In addition to providing you a place to live and food to eat, they are very interested in seeing you develop into the kind of man who will be a good husband and father. Talk with them about what is going on – what you like, what offends you, what is confusing – and you will find they are quite happy to help you get the most out of your experience.