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Best 10 Online Dating Tips

The advent of the worldwide web has changed nearly everything we do forever and trying to meet the right person is no different.


You might have some reservations about using the Internet to connect with someone, but taking a look at best ten online dating tips will help you feel more confident about the prospect.


No longer a place for lonely introverts or troubled sociopaths, matchmaking websites now account for as many as 15% of weddings according to some estimates, so keep an open mind!


Craft an Interesting Profile


Whenever you decide on a particular company, the first thing you will be prompted to do is create a page describing yourself. Most people simply begin filling in the blanks without giving it much thought, replying with generic answers like “I love the beach” and “Mexican food is my favorite.” Think about what makes you unique and what your hobbies are, then answer with that in mind. The person viewing your profile will find it much more intriguing if you go a little deeper, which increases your chances of success.


Pick Your Pic Well


There are dozens of studies showing you are far more likely to find someone worth chatting with if you include a photo on your page. Humans are such visual creatures, this should come as no surprise, but this means you will want to find a few pictures that really catch who you are. Find a casual shot where you are smiling and consider adding some depicting your interests. Anything that looks “staged” will give your potential match a feeling that you are playing with smoke and mirrors. (You’ll want to watch for that, too.)


Be Specific About What You Are Looking For


It seems like such an obvious point, but only a small percentage of people are willing to really share what they are after. One of the best online dating tips is to be candid about your perfect mate. Does he or she exist? Probably not, yet you can save a lot of time for both of you by describing your “must-haves” from the start. It’s not rude (unless you choose unkind words), it is merely being efficient.


Commit to It


Let’s imagine for a second you have made a resolution to lose weight in the next few months. What would you do? Join a gym? Buy healthier foods at the grocery store? Walk past a natural supermarket, look in the window and then leave?


In case you haven’ t noticed, the last question is a trick. If you are going to get anything done, you have to demonstrate your willingness to do whatever it takes to bring it to fruition. Signing up for a site and then refusing to pay for its services does not fit the mold. Dive in!


Be Who You Are


The anonymity of the worldwide web has made it that much easier to avoid the games that come with dating. Connecting online, because you don’t really know the person, allows you to toss aside the tendency to pretend you are anything other than what you are. Love Star Wars? Enjoy running? Think politics is a waste of time? Talk about all of them – it’s far better to be genuine than to hide behind your computer.

Find Common Ground


Most matchmaking sites already have programs built in to help you find people who have similar likes and dislikes, yet you might do well to spend a bit of time looking at it on your own. This can mean simple things, such as paying attention to how thoroughly they answer questions compared to you, or if they have a preference for a sports team you absolutely hate. (Though, to be honest, that could make for some intriguing conversation.)


Respect Your Fellow Searchers


As everyone knows, the Internet provides a veil of secrecy behind which people can hide without punishment. Some choose to use this as permission to spread rude messages far and wide. Don’t be one of them. If you begin a conversation with someone and it turns sour, then it is best to politely excuse yourself and sever the connection. So long as you have kept your interaction within the confines of your matchmaker of choice, he or she will no longer be able to bother you.


Watch What You Write


Ever received an email and felt like someone was insulting you when they were trying to make a joke? The difficulty of online dating is compounded by the fact people are unable to hear your voice – without the tone, it is challenging to tell if you are being serious or not. Keep this tip in mind as you attempt to flirt with potential matches. Not everyone finds the same things funny that you do, so be clear about when you are trying to show off your sense of humor at first.


Talk on the Phone Before You Meet in Person


Though it should go without saying, there is a logical progression from online communication to a first in-person date. Does everyone follow it? No, which is why they sometimes end up in bad situations! When you begin to feel comfortable with the guy or gal you’ve been chatting with, transition to a phone call to see how things go. If you are able to have good three or four conversations, then you ought to head out for coffee – and only then.


As a side note, be in touch with your feelings about how things are going. Your match may feel like meeting right away or holding off and, for anything to work, both of you have to be keen on taking your relationship to the next level.


Date Offline, Too


When it comes to meeting Mr. or Ms. Right, it is best to follow the old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket – one of those tips that applies anywhere in life. If you are serious about getting into a good relationship, you will be best served by being in pursuit online and offline. That way, your friends can be out there on the hunt for you, just like your computer.