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10 Tips for older women dating younger men

Norms of society dictate (or at least try to in every possible way) our ways of life. So much so that we sometimes forget that the basis of dating or marriage is mutual love and attraction.


A relationship happens since every individual craves for romance, intimacy, companionship and fulfillment. We choose partners who pull our heart-string some way or the other. So, if an older woman’s heart yearns for a younger man, and if the feeling is mutual, there’s isn’t any reason why their relationship will not be a long-term and satisfying one.


Agreed that it is unconventional, but it’s not undoable. Adhering to a few basic points make it even simpler.


  1. Give priority to your relationship: Most relationships suffer when we get so busy with other things in life. Stop. Reschedule. And invest quality in your relationship.

  2. Appreciate each other: Appreciate your partner. Compliments would make him feel loved and special. But remember, genuine compliments please! Otherwise the trust will falter. Go out on dates, plan special activities, and enjoy each other’s company.

  3. Communicate and be Honest: Bottled up feelings are detrimental to your relationship. Nothing would hurt your partner more than the knowledge that you were not honest with him. Communicate and share. Remember this should be a both side phenomenon. Learn to express as well as listen. That way you both can work on the differences together.

  4. Talk about family planning: Understand that you and your partner may not be on the same plane as far as family planning is concerned. A younger man might be willing to experience parenthood, while an older woman may have got tired of it. Or it may be vice-versa. An older woman may crave motherhood, while a younger man may not be ready for it yet. Talk and reach a mutual understanding.

  5. Enjoy physical intimacy: Your younger partner will be willing to have fun and explore his sexuality. Fuel his sense of adventure and strike a mutually satisfying equation.

  6. Nurture your partner’s interests: Be interested in your partner’s passion. Arrange for fun activities that you’d both enjoy.

  7. Take the age difference to your stride: Use your maturity, sensibility and patience to strengthen your relationship.

  8. Do Not nurture Insecurity: Your partner is aware of your age. And is comfortable with it. So don’t unnecessarily fear infidelity. Also remember that youth should not be equated with a person’s worth or value.

  9. Don’t be sermonizing, picky or dominating: You have learnt and experienced more with time. But don’t let that make your partner feel intimidated or perpetually mentored and criticized.

  10. Learn to Ignore Raised Eyebrows: Society does not look upon kindly to people who do not conform to its dictates. Learn to ignore wagging tongues. Other people and their opinion should be the last thing to strain your relationship.


The quality of your relationship will influence the quality of your life. Remember, “Two halves do not make a whole when it comes to a healthy relationship: it takes two wholes.” Handle the differences with mature sensibility and celebrate the bond to make your relationship a lasting one.

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