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10 Steps to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

Are you single? Are you tired of wooing the bar crowd? Are you tired of approaching cuties at the grocery store and being rejected amid a batch of onions? Then maybe it’s time to strategize rather than to keep forcing yourself into unfamiliar territory.


The good news is that online dating is very relaxed, very personable and usually lets single people behave comfortably in each other’s presence. This means you are instantly more attractive because you benefit from the power of imagination.


You may think of yourself as a geek but to your online date, you may be a suave Romeo or a dashing Juliet.

Tell you what…here are 10 tips on how to create and maintain a good profile so that you don’t blow your crush’s dreamy vision of you.


  1. Be upfront about what you want.

Communication is so much easier when you stop being coy and admit what you want. Don’t be childish and fill your profile up with vague or silly answers. Be mature and forthright about what you want. At the same time, don’t gross everyone out by bragging about sexual urges. Try to be romantic instead of crude. Instead of implying what you might want, why not just come out and give more details about the EXACT thing that you want? Mention your ideal partner and what your idea of a romantic first date might be.


  1. Talk about your ambitions.

Don’t simply brag (or make stuff up) in vain hopes of attracting attention. Instead, talk about your goals. Talk about the person you want to be and the things that inspire you in life. This is the most powerful pitch you can make, because you’re talking about great ideas in life and not just things. You’re drawing attention to the ideas, the values, you stand for—it’s so much more than just simply “being.”


  1. Post a five star photo.

You know that one picture you’re thinking of? Yeah forget that one. Don’t be content with a cute photo or a funny photo. Instead, get some objective advice from a friend. Think about a glamour shot, or at least letting a person with photography know-how create a glamour shot for you. Because without a “five star photo” nothing you’re going to say will make a bit of difference.


  1. Create a screen name that “means something.”

Yes, it’s time to get all emo and deep…at least when it comes to screen handles. This is simply because everyone has a boring screen handle and it’s oftentimes difficult to tell people apart when everyone is named something Alan_009, Danielle83, or SexMachine101. Instead of going ultra-plain or mega-perverted, why not think of a name that is memorable, mysterious and that implies something very deep? The name will keep people guessing and will make you an attractive online “character” worth getting to know in real life.


  1. Think of a brilliant headline!

Remember in the old days when people read newspapers? Remember that big headline that got everyone’s attention? They still read the big headline actually…but in today’s world, it’s usually Cosmopolitan magazine and it’s “The Big Sex Issue!” Still, you get the point. Whatever your goal, whether you’re trying to sell a magazine or get an online date, you owe it to your “audience” to come up with a great, attention-grabbing headline. Besides being exciting and unique (humor always goes a long way) try to make the headline meaningful and as a glimpse into your inner person. Don’t reveal too much, but just enough to pique a person’s curiosity.


  1. Be positive and spare us the drama.

Yes, we all have baggage, and yes eventually we are all ready to discuss that drama. However, when you’re online dating, it is imperative that you stay positive, fun and toss all the drama back in the closet. Don’t gripe about your ex. Don’t complain about “all women” or “all men” and leave your doomsday philosophy for another day. Dating is about having fun. End of story.


  1. Don’t lie. But hold back at your own discretion.

The fine line of being honest and being a sniveling, needy psycho is sometimes surprisingly thin. What you perceive as honest someone else could very perceive as “way too much information!” So the simple approach works best: never lie. Don’t imply things that aren’t true. However, don’t volunteer personal information unless (A) your date directly asks you; (B) you have an entertaining story to go along with the info; or (C) you have an answer that makes you look good. Get it? It’s all a matter of sharing your thoughts…but doing so at the appropriate time.


  1. Spend some time creating a really fun and interesting profile.

Too many singles make the mistake of creating a profile whenever they are prompted for one. This results in a lot of boring, creepy and just plain dumb profile writing. Instead, create your profile on a Word document and then copy and paste it in the appropriate fields. This will ensure you convey your thoughts perfectly rather than feeling rushed through the process.


  1. Read and reread your profile.

You may be surprised to see that a profile may have numerous spelling or grammar errors, not to mention awkwardly worded sentences. The best thing to do is to put the profile away for a day or two and then come back to edit it. In fact, it won’t hurt to come back every few weeks and edit it and update it, just to make it more attractive to new singles.


  1. Customize each profile for the right type of site.

Obviously some sites cater to different dating niches so you have to update your profile accordingly. Posting an ad at ChristianSingles will obviously have a very different audience than AdultFriendFinder. Use discretion and accentuate the qualities you have and which your ideal date might be looking for. For example, if you’re on a Christian, Jewish or Muslim matchmaking site, talk about your faith. If you’re on a general site and are hoping to find someone local, talk about restaurants, bars and clubs you frequently visit.


You can find more success online if you strategize when creating your profile!

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