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Should Teachers Date Students

A classroom is one place on earth which is considered sacred by most.



And this includes the teacher-student relationship. Traditionally such relationships are even idolized.



It would not be a wise idea to complicate such a scenario by bringing in romantic inclinations.



Depends on which stage in life both of them are: Teacher student romantic liaisons are widely looked down upon. Most institutions have rules against such a situation. Some parts of the world even have laws against it. But how much disapproval you’d get from your circle depends on a few factors. If we are talking of a primary or a minor high school student and her/his teacher, then such relationship will be a crime. It might not be so much looked down upon if such a liaison develops between a graduate student and her/his teacher perhaps. But professional courtesy and ethics demand that you wait till the person is no longer your student before popping the question.


Imbalance in Power, Position & Influence: A teacher by the virtue of his position enjoys more power and influence. This may intimidate a student making her/him consent to advances made by the teacher. But all relationships should begin on a platform of balanced equilibrium. This very fundamental point gets negated in this kind of a relationship.


Negative effect on classroom Environment: Sanctity of classroom environment is considered utmost importance not only by the Institutions, but also by parents and society in general. If a special relationship buds between a teacher and a student, then there might be a tendency of favoritism. Other students might feel that they are being deprived of the attention they deserve. This would spoil the classroom environment, and also alienate the student concerned from her/his peers.


Think of the Consequences: Teacher-student relationships may have far-fetched consequences. Some institutions have rules against such scenario. If a minor is involved, law gets involved too. Too much stake gets involved. It may jeopardize the life of the student concerned and have leave indelible stigma attached. For the teacher, it may cost her/him her/his job in particular and even career at large.


Social backlash -- Considered Immoral & Unprofessional by most: A teacher-student romantic relationship is bound to face social backlash. Not only from the institutions and those associated with it, but also from peers and family. It is considered immoral, unethical and unprofessional by majority.


To conclude, teacher dating a student is widely considered unethical, unprofessional, immoral, and faces disapproval of peers & family alike. It may even be illegal in certain circumstances. If you are genuinely interested in each other, and are two consenting adults, then it is better to wait till the person is no longer your student before you take your relationship to the next level.

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