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Save the Date Wording

Save the date wording is entirely your choice. You can make it causal or formal, depending on what you and your partner prefer. Planning and preparing for a wedding can be tiring and time consuming, but sending save the sate card is something, you must not miss. On your special day, you definitely want all your dear ones to be present and sending these cards, is one way of ensuring this. You can make the card on your own or go to the store and ask them, to make it for you. You just have to choose save the date wordings to be put and it will be done, just as you like.


Examples of save the date wording

Given here are samples of save the date wording, for a couple in different formats. Here, the groom Patrick Holt and the bride Noelle Clark are writing the wording for their card and sending it to their loved ones. All the four formats given here are used by many couples, and if you are looking for one you can choose from here. Of course, you can always come up with your own wordings, to give personalized touch to the card. The four formats are as follows:

Format - 1

Save the Date!
Noelle Clark and Patrick Holt
Are getting married
On September 3rd, 2010
Invitation to follow


Format - 2

Our day is approaching,
And we can't wait for it!
We hope that you can join us.
Be sure to save the date!
Noelle & Patrick
Will be married on
September 3rd, 2010
Invitation to follow

Format - 3

Who and what?
Noelle Clark & Patrick Holt will be get hitched

Date to save?
The third of September, two thousand ten

San Jose, Califronia

Format - 4

Save the Date!
Noelle Clark
Patrick Holt
are excited to announce
their wedding date!
September 3rd, 2010

Invitation to follow

Personalized save the date wording

As mentioned earlier, some couples prefer to add a personal touch and so add more words. If there is a theme for the wedding, that can be include in the save the date card and wording. If you want the save the date wording to be unique, you need to think out of the box and come up, with something suitable for you and the occasion as well. If you have a rather small group of loved ones, whom you have to send the cards, you can make them in two types. The formal ones can be for the elderly relatives; the casual and fun wordings can be for the younger relatives including siblings, friends and cousins.


Make sure that you choose fun save the date wording for your card. These cards have become an integral part of wedding planning and celebrations, so you need to make the best cards and have a memorable time at the ceremony, with all your loved ones present there. The wordings of cards are very short and to the point, so you will have to choose the words carefully when you think about using the other words.

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