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Save the Date Trends

Your have a special function for yourself or your dear one and would like to send some special invitations. Well, you don't have worry about this are there are trendy save the date stuff which can deliver your message being stylish at the same time. There are some save the date trends which save your hassle to invite everyone personally and then your guests forgetting the date of the function.

Save the date invites are usually sent six months before or twelve months prior to the function. Hence, if it's just a word over the phone, there is a high chance of your guests forgetting the real date of the occasion. Thus, by using these attractive save the date trends, you can certainly expect your invitees to remember your invitation and the date as well.

Interesting save the date trends:

The traditional ways of presenting the ‘save the date' invitations are no longer used. Instead there are different save the date trends which are catchy and give all the necessary details about the event.

With several technological advancements, there are changes in the save the day trends every now and then. Today what is the latest fashion in save the day invites may not be the trend tomorrow. So, catch up with the latest trend in save the day invites and attract your guests to your big day with these. Some of the latest save the date trends are:

Make use of cards with relevant pictures.

  1. Give save the date magnets

  2. Send save the date emails

  3. Use flashy messages for your cards

  4. Make save the date stickers

  5. Have a solve the puzzle save the date magnet or card

  6. Have trivia about the couple or the related event

  7. Gift some other attraction, like a cookie with the date, a temporary tattoo and so on

Trends in save the date cards:

Cards are the most common form of save the date invites which have been used since long. But unlike the age old styles of writing just that which is required and nothing else, today different trends are followed. These trends in save the card include:

  1. Make colorful cards

  2. Have cards with several pictures

  3. Have seasonal theme as per the season of the event

  4. Have various other themes in terms of pictures in the cards

  5. Have smaller and attractive cards instead of bigger ones

  6. Send cards with puzzles

  7. Have cards with interesting quotes like funny quotes

  8. Cards with calendars are also a major trend with the date marked in red.

Unique design trends in save the day invites:

There are several ways to present your invites through different save the day items. It can be a card or a magnet, but it must include the necessary information about the event. Some of the interesting and unique designs which can adorn your save the day invites are:

  1. Romantic pictures of the bride and the groom in case of a marriage invite

  2. Childhood snap of the bride and the groom

  3. Emails with flash pictures with rotate, merge and so on

  4. Magnets with cute pictures and messages

  5. Animated pictures of the bride and the groom

  6. Themes used in cards, emails, magnets and so on.

There are several trends in save the date items, which keep changing with time. All you need to do is pick the most appropriate one and lure your invitees, leaving a mark on their memory about the actual date of the function.

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