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Save the Date : Destination Wedding Ideas

Save the date destination wedding ideas are the special ideas to send invites as per the kind of the occasion and the place where it is going to be held. This is an interesting way of inviting your near and dear ones.

The save the date destination wedding ideas are helpful in bring the date and the venue of the occasion to the notice of the people you invite. These interesting techniques are more useful as save the date as they are attractive and at the same time, give the necessary details.

Excellent Save the Date Destination Wedding Ideas

There are plenty of save the date wedding ideas. You can have these save the day invites in different themes or as per the theme of the party. Some of which are:

  1. If your wedding is taking place in autumn, paste some artificially made autumn leaves on the save the date cards
  2. Since, your wedding destination is near the beaches or any other water body, save the date invite can be placed inside a bottle or a cute little ship and sent to your loved ones.
  3. If your party destination is a resort, you can have a little golf ball as the save the date token, in order to give them an idea of what they can expect at the resort.
  4. You can also send postcards from the city in which your marriage will take place as a save the date card.

  5. If you are having a wedding function or any other celebration at a place which is well known for a particular food or a particular good, your save the day invitation can certainly have a picture of that famous item as an indication.

  6. The destination which you have chosen for your big day might have some local attractions too. You can add a short description about those attractions along with some pictures, to further give a reason to attend your party.

  7. You can give a glimpse of what your guests can expect to find after the main party is over. For e.g., you must have arranged for a beach party, or a special game, it is now that you can let your loved ones know what's the after party attraction through some nice trivial token of save the date.

Ways to present these save the date destination wedding ideas:

There are several methods to let your near and dear ones know about your big day and the necessary details. You can send these special invitations in some of these forms:

  1. Have a card with strings attached to extra details about the other attractions

  2. Send a magnet with the picture of the venue and the attractions

  3. Send emails with flashy messages stating the specialties of the event and the ‘surprises'

  4. Have trivia puzzles which lead to the destination and the attractions which come along with attending the main day party

Apart from these above you can also send special items from the destination as a little save the date gift. Some of these can be cookies, show pieces, sports items, stamps, and so on. Hence, with these exciting save the date wedding ideas, you can surely expect all your guests on time at your celebration.

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