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20 Reasons Why Younger Guys Fall for Older Women

It is no longer looked down upon as “cradle-snatching”. Many celebrities have endorsed it.


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Prince Charles and Camellia – examples are abundant.


Ever wondered why younger guys fall for older women?



  1. Maturity: Older women, being more mature, are suited better to handle different situations in life, as well as in the relationship.

  2. Confidence: Years and experience makes an older woman more confident. She can handle the relationship with gusto.

  3. Lesser Competition: Older women have fewer suitors chasing them. A little attention from the younger man boosts her ego. She then does not like to look too much for other options.

  4. Intelligence: Age and various encounters in life make an older woman intellectually sound. She can motivate and guide her younger partner.

  5. Sensibility: An older woman by default has experienced a lot that makes her nurture the relationship in a sensible way.

  6. Tender Loving Care (TLC): An older woman is more affectionate, tender and caring, satisfying the emotional needs of her younger partner.

  7. Sex: Older women are more experienced in sex and are more willing to experiment and explore. This entices her younger partner.

  8. Stability: An older woman is sure of what she wants. She is not as fickle minded as her younger counterparts. This makes the relationship stable.

  9. Financial Factor: Older women are generally economically steady that eases the pressure on the male partner to pick up all the bills. It makes affording luxuries easier.

  10. Patience and Understanding: Older women have seen much more of various shades of life that has taught them to be more tolerant and open to others’ views.

  11. More Time To Devote: Older women are no longer staring out their career and running after their ambitions, which leaves them with more time to devote to their partner.

  12. Challenging: The challenge involved in keeping up with each other despite the age difference makes the relationship exciting.

  13. Lesser Inhibitions: Older women have lesser inhibitions to explore thereby adding an element of frolic that livens up the relationship.

  14. Responsible: An older woman does not shy away from responsibilities. They are ready to take charge.

  15. Less Demanding: Older women, studies say, are less demanding. In fact, they are more eager to offer support.

  16. The Taboo Temps: The taboo attached to this cougar-cub kind of relationships temps the free spirit of younger men.

  17. Independence: Older women will not depend solely on the partner for economic or financial support. This makes the man breathe easy.

  18. Status: Older women have accomplished a socio-financial equilibrium -- the benefits of which give the man peace of mind.

  19. Adventure: Older women are more open to experimenting and having fun which helps to keep boredom at bay.

  20. Love and Attraction: Mutual attraction and fondness, love and respect, and similar bent of mind does not necessarily count the number of years between the ages of the partners.

Every relationship banks upon harmony and happiness. Age factor no longer rules the matters of the heart.

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