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Pros & Cons Of Dating Older Women

It’s the hottest trend as of now -- dating an older woman. But then age is just a number. Labeled as cougar-cub relationship, this kind of bonding needs a little tender-loving-care for it to bring pleasure and compatibility into the relationship.




  1. Baggage from Past:
    Chances are that an older woman has been through relationships before. Perhaps she has been married, divorced, widowed or been into relationships that did not work out. The younger man sometimes feels the pressure to prove that he is better than what she has experienced before.

  2. Social Taboo:
    Be ready for disapproval from friends and family, and for raised eyebrows at social gatherings.

  3. Menopause:
    Older women who are nearing menopause may have hormonal fluctuations causing symptoms that may have negative impact on the relationship, like - mood swing, irritability, depression, anxiety, and even lack of interest in sex.

  4. Procreation:
    This is a two-way story. A younger man may be excited to start a family, while an older woman may be past all that and show disinterest. Or, it may so happen that an older woman might be eager to experience motherhood, while her younger partner may not yet be ready for such stuff.

  5. Spending Habit:
    Spending mind set changes with age. An older woman may be more inclined to save for retirement, future etc. A younger man, on the other hand, may think that he has a lot of years ahead to earn and save, and may want to enjoy the luxuries of life.



  1. More adventure & fun:
    An older woman generally has lesser inhibitions and is ready to paint the town red with you – so enjoy the adventure and fun she’d bring to your life!

  2. Rocking Sex Life:
    Women are said to be sexually late-bloomers. Also, an older woman perhaps would be more experienced in that matter. So get set to enjoy the fires of passion!

  3. Secured Finances:
    An older woman will have a steady career and income thereby relieving the younger male partner of the burden of all the finances – she will be more comfortable in picking up the bills for you.

  4. Appreciative & Caring:
    You shall experience a lot of tender-loving-care from your older woman. She will be more appreciative of what she has.

  5. Matured, Stable, Sensible & Responsible:
    An older woman will not be fickle minded like her younger counterparts. Age and experience has inculcated in her maturity, sensibility and a sense of responsibility that will provide stability to the relationship.

  6. Less Demanding & More Time to Devote:
    An older woman will be emotionally more stable and composed making her less demanding. She’d have achieved a lot in her career and would not be in her struggling phase. That leaves her with more time for you.

Most people have a pre-conceived notion about their “dream” partner. However, one often finds that the perfect partner in reality is different from that notion. After all, it fire of passion that makes relationships click, and not some theories. And it no longer matters if your soul mate and you have a difference in age.

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