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Summer Date Ideas

The warmer weather means more than just skimpy bikinis and exposed skin – you can be outside all day again! 


This means you and your sweetie have ample opportunity to take advantage of the top five summer date ideas as you kick aside the winter blues. With a little preparation and a good forecast, romance will blossom under the abundant sunshine and lead to some hot summer nights together!


Hang Out By (or In) the Water


No matter where you live, chances are you grew up spending at least some time near a body of water when the heat of July and August arrived. You might have been diving in to the pool for games of Marco Polo or skimming along the surface of your local lake tethered to the back of a boat, but neither of those are worthy summer date ideas. 


If you live near the ocean, consider a day cruise for some fishing or whale watching to get away from it all.  More likely to find yourself in rivers and streams?  Choose a tubing trip – a relaxing float through a gently-flowing body of water – as your getaway instead.


Plan a Double-Feature at the Drive-In


This is a classic summer date idea, one that hearkens back to the explosion of movies in the 1950s.  You might not have a finned Ford Fairlane, but that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t enjoy a snuggle under the stars!  Scan the ads at your local outdoor theater for listings, then make an evening out of it: dinner, drinks and dessert all while catching a flick under picturesque skies.


Take a Hike


Mother Nature is all around, so why not go hang out with her?  It’s inexpensive and often fairly private, meaning the two of you can spend plenty of time reconnecting far away from the distractions of the city – no cellphones, no traffic, no problem. 


Depending on what it is you wish to do, you can even make it a fitness challenge by bringing along your bikes or opting to wear workout gear.  Just make sure to stay near trails and bring plenty of water – getting lost in the wilderness does not make for a romantic date.


Hit the Amusement Park


Remember those care-free summers when you would stand in line for what seemed like forever to be slung around by your favorite thrill rides?  Grabbing an ice cream cone while you wait and then hoping it stays down as you speed up and down the roller coaster is almost a tradition! 


By going there together, you’ll be in tight quarters (like lovers should) and experiencing the youthful exuberance all over again.  For extra points, you can do see who is better at the carnival games or just grab a puff of cotton candy to get your energy back between rides.


Have a Picnic


This date is so simple, it is often forgotten by couples looking for something else to do with their summer dates after a long winter indoors.  The fact of the matter is, pulling off a good picnic together doesn’t take a lot of work – all you really need is a blanket and some finger foods – and there are probably plenty of good shade trees for you to choose from.  It’s the ultimate pick-up-and-go idea!