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Cheap Date Ideas

Meeting over a cup of coffee or movie, and the like in a relationship is important. This allows you to spend some quality time with each other. While lovers always want to date each other number of times in a week, the main issue at times is the cash crunch. This is where we need some cheap date ideas.

There are some people who believe that a date would always mean expensive gifts and restaurants. It is possible to keep the date expense minimal and yet have a good time with your partner. After all it's not the dollars, but the time you spend with your beloved that adds warmth and love to your bond. Let us have a look at some of the affordable date ideas which can help you.


Best Cheap Date Ideas

A Museum Tour

There are several city museums where the admission is free or have reasonable entrance fees. Apart from that, these museums also carry interesting things to see and learn. Booking two tickets for a museum over a weekend would make up for a simple cheap date idea. This allows you to have a good time together.

Window Shopping

This is yet another interesting cheap date idea that makes you have some fun time with each other. Select a mall that both of you like and go window shopping, until something really exciting catches your eye. You can later dutch-in for a coffee and snacks.

Go out on a Drive

Get your vehicle and go out on a drive with your partner. You can roam around the town and take pictures together at your favorite places. Carry some food and soft drinks from home and you are all set to have a lovely weekend date with your boyfriend.

Indoor Games

Can there be any other places as relaxing and soothing as your own home? Invite your boyfriend over lunch and spend the afternoon by playing interesting board games and puzzles. If you have a home theater, you can also have a fun time with your play stations and video games.

Watch a Sunset Together

If both of you are taking a romantic walk together in the nearby park, stay out with each other and watch the sunset. Recline back over a lake side or creek, sit arms in arms, as the sun vanishes behind the horizon. Such a beautiful moment only requires both of you to be together.

Bike Ride

Taking your girlfriend out on a bike ride is one of the easy date ideas when you don't have much saving to spend on a date. Be it in the afternoon or evening, a bike ride has charm of its own. You can be close to each other and drive around the city.

When you are facing a cash crisis all you need to do is think how best you can spend your time with your partner. This is exactly what the cheap date ideas are all about.

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