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Ideas to Survive and Enjoy a Blind Date

Have you been chatting on the messenger for a while with your online pal and now its time for a blind date? It is indeed exciting to meet a person whom we hardly know. At the same time there are thoughts about the person's likes, dislikes and preferences. All this while you have been interacting virtually with someone and now it's the time to date him/her. If you are wondering how to go about it then you can refer to some tried and tested blind date ideas.


Teenage Blind Dates

This mostly takes place when you are in school or college. This is the time when you want to meet several people and make friends. The way to go forward with teenage blind dates is searching for similar people in the dating websites, or social networking websites. You might be having your blog and you have someone who follows the same. Perhaps the person wants to know you more. It would be good idea to get to know him/her.


Tips for Teenage Blind Dates

We suggest certain teenage blind date tips that have been framed keeping in mind the fun as well safety. You can browse over the ones that are listed below:-

  1. When you are in your teens, you want to meet people who are fun to be with. Your date should be aware of that too. It is good if he/she has a similar mentality and attitude to life.
  2. Keep it very simple and cute on the first date.
  3. It's good to choose where you can mix conversations with activities, For instance you can visit a mall. There are gaming parlors and movie theaters. You can watch a movie and then have a light hearted chat over lunch.
  4. We suggest you don't get prejudiced about or over attracted to your date on the first meeting. It is always better to allow yourself ample time.

Adult Blind Dates

Blind dates never limit themselves to the teens or young college goers. You can be working and be interested in blind dates. There have been many cases when people met their soul mate through blind dates. Similarly, you can just end up as good friends and cherish the bond for a life time.


Adult Blind Date Tips

  1. Choose a person who shares your likes and dislikes. It is important to share a comfortable wavelength.
  2. Though very difficult to analyze, but over the course of interaction try and understand your date's purpose of coming to blind dates.

Best Blind Date Ideas

There is no such thing as perfect blind date ideas that would work for everyone. However, with these ideas you can try and plan accordingly so that you can have a nice time on your blind date. You can choose from some of the following dating ideas given below:-

  1. Always meet in a cafeteria or a public place. Though a customary way, but individuals feel way more comfortable to meet in a cafeteria or restaurant. You can meet over a cup of coffee and see how the conversation flows.
  2. Always choose on a location which is approximately at equal distance from both sides.
  3. Before meeting try and find out what type of food and ambiance your date likes or enjoys. You can then select a location based on that. Discuss these things over when you speak to each other on phone or mail.
  4. It is always preferred that you choose a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves different meals. If the restaurant only serves Chinese or Thai, and your date has different preference, you might have to change places.
  5. If you already have liking for your date then you can see how the meeting goes and can plan for some other activities post the meeting. You can go bowling, or watch movies or take a stroll in the park. For this you have to act as per the situation and be spontaneous. Having said that, some of the best blind date moments are the ones that happen spontaneously.
  6. Do not go to a disco or party in the first day, as you date might have certain reservations against it. He/she might prefer a quieter place so that you both can interact and know each other better.
  7. Places like a large city museum, exhibitions, and indoor zoo also are good options to visit in your first day. Apart from the fact they offer you food for thought, it also helps you to know your date better.

The purpose of a date it so see if both people are compatible with each other and can strike an amiable conversation together. The idea is to get to know a person much better as a friend or partner. For that it is important to create a friendly atmosphere. You can always refer to some creative blind date tips, so that you can know your date better.

Blind date ideas helps you set up an atmosphere where you and your date can enjoy and have a good time in each others company.

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