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Birthday Ideas for the person you're Dating

Ask most of the couples, how they impressed each other. You will be surprised to know, that most of them made the best use of the partner's birthday. We would all love to be pampered on our birthdays. When done by our better halves, there's nothing like that. After all, we do secretly yearn for our beloved adulation all the time. If it's your partner's birthday, all you need apart from that birthday cake and gifts, are some romantic birthday date ideas.


Birthday Date Ideas for Her

A Candlelight Dinner for two

When it's about candles, chocolates and sweet fragrance, it's always about women. The same is true with cooking too. Make a difference, by cooking your girl her favorite dish on her birthday or set up a candle light dinner. You can also make a simple homemade cake, brownies and cookies and serve it with some mulled wine or cocktail.

You need not make all that you spot in the hotel menu, but make simple things that she likes. That would make her happy.

Romantic Shopping Spree

Make a visit to your girlfriend's favorite shopping mall or stalls on her birthday. Get her things she loves, like flowers, dresses, bags or a watch. This would tell her that you are attentive towards her choices as well. You can also roam around the mall and spend some romantic moments together. Nothing would pamper her more than this.

Visit places of her interest

Has she been asking you for a while now to visit the new book shop across the main road and you still haven't? Well, this is your chance and you can make it up now. Visit her favorite bookshop, cafeteria, and museum, multiplex together on her birthday. You can take a day out and plan a trip to your girlfriend's favorite hangouts in the city on her birthday.

Birthday Date Ideas for Him

It's time to make your man feel special and loved on his birthday. Let us have a look at some of the top birthday date ideas for him.

A romantic luncheon

The saying, that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is something that all girlfriends should keep in mind. Cook him his favorite platter and see the happy grin on his face on his birthday.

Go as per his interest

One of the best birthday date ideas for men is to gift them what interest them most. For instance, if your boyfriend has a fetish for gadgets, take him to a gaming parlor one day and let him choose his play station as his birthday gift. If he is a movie buff, get him a "director's special" of his favorite movie genre. This would certainly make him feel pampered and happy.

Make your partner remember their birthday spent with you, with some special birthday date ideas.

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