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Dating Ideas

The mere thought of going for a date can very well turn your mood on and ignite the romantic sense in you. However, planning a date can sometimes come up as a tough task, all you need to do is put in little time and effort towards planning your date.

Dating Ideas quiet aptly assures towards a good date if certain things are kept in mind. A good date idea and proper tips will always ensure that you leave a positive impression on your date's mind. The key to a perfect date lies in proper planning; if it is well planned nothing can spoil the mood of the date.

Best Date Ideas

Date ideas & tips help in keeping certain things and concerns of your date in mind while turning it to a successful date. Let us have a look at some of the top tips for a best date.
  1. Do not go for a date unprepared, always plan for a date well before time. The key to a successful date lies in proper planning. If you do not commit to your date, then nothing will work in your favor. You want it big and grand, then put in the much-needed effort on your planning and see it bringing colors in your relationship.

  2. Dress properly on your date, do not think that your date is a very casual affair and you can dress in any way you like. However, this does not mean, you have to dress up in your formal attire. Look your best do not go on looking untidy. Keep in mind that you have to leave an impression on her mind so, live up to your image.

  3. Be punctual; this is one of the most important dating tips to make the event successful. Do not ever make the mistake of reaching your date spot late, girls never like to wait. Being late acts as an instant turn-off and can immediate ruin all the planning of a date. If it is possible, try to reach a bit early to welcome your date.

  4. While thinking of a date idea, try to plan something creative. Do not plan that same run off the mill date. Think a little out of the box and plan accordingly for your date. You can invite your date for a movie at home, plan a dinner date at home, or plan a picnic date at a romantic spot. Another important dating tip is to avoid getting too close for comfort while on your first date.

  5. Avoid getting into serious or controversial topics if you are on your first date. Keep conversations light and simple; make your date feel comfortable. The more amiable and cordial you will be; the more will be the comfort factor. Avoid being rude even if you do not like certain things about him/her. Do not go over board or over the top while on a date, try to control your emotions and thoughts.

Top 10 Romantic Dating Ideas

Taste some classy wine: Nothing sounds more romantic than to feel the thrill of love in your pulse with the shimmering hue of red wine. Articulate all those unspoken words with the crimson gleam of wine. Consider a wine tasting event with Mr. /Miss right whilst out for a date. Sit closely and talk whilst sipping some of the world's best wine. Woo him/her with your elitism and style at the wine tasting event. This is indeed one of the top 10 dating ideas which will surely add that "little extra" to your love life.

Candle light dinner: Utter not a word. Let the magic of the tender candle flames do the wonder as you take him/her out for a candle light dinner. Book a table for a candle light dinner to illustrate your fondness for him/her. Make your date lot more vibrant as you coif the mood to say those unuttered honeyed words amidst the romance of the candle light.

Far from madding crowd: Take a break from the mundane realities. Make your date a real romantic outing this time; fill your picnic basket with chocolates, wines, sandwiches and yes rekindle your emotion whilst fading away with your beloved to some sandy beaches. Feel the splendor of waggling your toes at the beach as you plan to catch a sunset together.

Live like the elites and the famous: This is a little unusual dating tip but is definitely one of the top 10 dating ideas to add that spice to your love life. Make your date a day that you can never forget; make it unusual, jazzy. Arrange an overnight or a daytime stay at a luxury hotel and for once feel like the famous rich couples as you "wine and dine" with your special someone at the luxurious hotel.

Enjoy a slow dance: You have gone out with him/her a number of times at the discos. Make your dating this time a little different. Choose a slow track and enjoy the pleasure of slow dance with your beloved. Whether at the club or at the restaurants or whether at the warm corner of your home a slow dance with your beloved is just the right thing to make your date colorful.

Plan to go for bowling or roller-skating Rediscover the excitement of striking out at the bowling track with your special someone. Although there will be a number of people around yet it would be a great fun to go for a roller or bowling date to make your outing a lot more adventurous

Catch a movie together: Indeed one of the top 10 dating tips. Plan out to catch a movie together and make your date lot more colorful. Going for a romantic movie would be a good idea. Are you thinking that going to the movie hall would be somewhat a bit repetitive? Well, why not to rent a video and catch the old classics together? Revive your emotion with the romantic movies and make your date a memoir to treasure.

Feel the rhythm of music: Is it that you and your beloved are culture enthusiast? Then plan your dating in a lot untraditional way. Feel the rhythm of music in your pulse. Plan out to go to the opera with your beloved to make the evening truly lyrical.

Moon Light Cruise: Would you be interested to rediscover the beauty of the frozen night? Have you ever dreamt of whispering those honeyed words to her amidst the lustrous shimmer of the moonbeam? Make your date special this time. Plan out a moon light cruise with your special someone and uncover the magic of romance.

Cafe verse reading: You have only seen these places in the movies but these cozy, dark romantic places actually exists where the poets reads out their composed verses. Make your date little different with the blistering cup of coffee with poetry and relax with your special someone at the cozy comfort of the cafe.


Date ideas & tips help you in planning that perfect date to impress your girl and leave a lasting love on her mind.

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