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How to Date a Coworker - 10 Steps

It’s hard to resist someone you work with. Forget the fact that this person sees you day in and day out, and that he or she shares your triumphs, your anxieties and your career goals. The fact of the matter is your coworkers are totally hot! However, you are correct in assuming that dating coworkers is a difficult angle to manage. Not only do you face the fear of rejection (and everyone in the office knowing about it) but you also have to worry about how management feels, how your coworkers feel, and all sorts of other scandals. Nevertheless, it’s hard to resist a well-dressed man or woman, shooting bullets with their eyes! Let’s discuss 10 strategies on how to date your coworker minus the humiliation.


1. Make sure this person is interested in you.

There’s no use in making a fool of yourself if you don’t have anything to go on but a hunch. Hunches are often sorely mistaken. Instead, make sure that the person is interested in you outside of business, that he/she goes out of their way to talk to you, that they compliment you on a regular basis (just to send you a loud signal) and that they flirt constantly. In other words, don’t mistake a kind work ethic with romantic attention.



2. Anticipate the consequences in advance and create a game plan for them.

How will people react? If the situation turns ugly, what will you do? Make sure you understand the company policy as well.


3. Ask this person out.

This is a very simple step. If your coworker hasn’t asked you out yet, then he or she is probably shy and isn’t going to do so anytime soon. Make your intentions clear and be confident about it.


4. Whatever you do, talk about stuff other than work!

Find common ground outside of the office. There’s no conversation worse than “How are we doing at our job? What can we both do for the company?” Get real and fast before you end up stressing each other out.


5. Keep it quiet.

Don’t go around the office gossiping. (They will do that plenty on their own!) Instead, keep it low profile until you’re sure it’s getting serious.


6. When you do get serious be sure to be respectful of other’s feelings.

That means don’t kissy face, make out in front of other people, or stare dreamily into each other’s eyes. Work is not the best place for PDAs. (Although Personal Digital Assistants are okay)


7. Accept the fact that eventually your coworkers and boss will find out.

This simply means, don’t go overboard in denying it, keeping it a dirty secret, or dramatizing the event any more than necessary.


8. Don’t go into detail.

Bragging, flaunting or mentioning the steamy or “interesting” details is not appreciated. Personal lives should remain separate from what the company sees.


9. Do NOT show any preferential treatment for the coworker you’re dating.

And if you’re the boss, this goes double! In fact, it’s much better to have to suffer at home for slighting your girlfriend or boyfriend than having to explain to the entire office why you’re not being fair.


10. No shenanigans during late night hours.

Those desks are made for working!

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