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First Date | First Meeting - Tips and Gift Ideas

You have had your blind date with the girl with whom you've been chatting for a while now. You've romantically started liking her. May be you guys are now speaking frequently on phone and perhaps you would meet again. If this is your situation then you are certainly heading towards what is known as the first meetings. These meetings are something we all look forward to and they have a charm of their own.


So, now that you are in love with the person who has won your heart in the first sight, you need to convey your feelings to the person. We know it is not that easy. It takes a lot of courage to propose love. Relax, whatever happens is for good. You need to be patient and be honest in whatever you do. Ask him/her for a date. Use a soft tone and select proper words that can communicate the urgency.After he/she has agreed to come, the real challenge begins. You have to try your level best to impress the person. This can be the first and last opportunity to impress him/her. Leave no corner in conveying your love and care.We have proposed some beautiful gifts that will surely help you to communicate your love to him/her.


Gift Ideas for First Date

  1. Flowers: A bouquet of red roses will perfectly do for the purpose. After all, a red rose is the symbol of love and passion. He/she will already carry a slight hint of what actually the meeting is going to be about.
  2. Candle-light dinner in a lovely restaurant: Yes, candle-light dinners will also help in building the ambiance for the day. Moreover, this ambiance will help you to lift your mood and convey your love. Try and fix the date on weekdays as you will find a good number of restaurants. In addition, a weekday date will let you talk in complete peace. Not many people go to restaurants on weekdays.
  3. Chocolates: A box full of chocolates will apt perfectly for the day. Chocolates are always associated with happy occasions. Drape the box beautifully and enclose a beautiful message.
  4. Romantic poems: Nothing compares to words in making confessions on love. Take the help of poems to make him/her understand how you have fallen for him/her in first sight. Poems best describe the emotions associated with love at first sight. You will easily find a good stock of poems on love at first sight. This option will surely give you fruitful results.
  5. Love letters: Yes, you can also convey your feelings by writing a love letter. We know it is quite outdated now. But, believe us, love letter remains the good option of impressing a person on a first date. Tell him/her how it feels about being in love at first sight. He/she will definitely be overjoyed.


What are first meetings?

This not only implies the first day you meet your date, but also the couple of meetings that post that. These meetings are thus determined on how the blind date goes. Your initial romantic dates are important, as they allow you to know a person well. You can also get certain hints whether the relation can bloom into romance or is just mere friendship .


Easy First Meeting Tips

Are you feeling a little jittery as to how would your first meetings be with your date? We suggest that you take it easy. There are certain guidelines that you can following, which is going to make you relax. We have listed them down for you.

  1. Always be relaxed on your first few dates. Even if you are apprehensive let it not show on your face.
  2. Have light-hearted topics to speak on. You can ask your date few serious questions once in a while. Make sure that you have fun topics to speak on.
  3. You might have started liking him/her to a great extent, but don't go all the way out to express it. Utilize the time well in knowing the person.
  4. Never ask uncomfortable questions to him/her and never be too demanding or aggressive. This just might be a deal-breaker for you.
  5. The most important mantra for having fun on your first romantic meetings is to be yourself. When you are yourself, you have no inhibitions and you are all easy and fun to be with.


Things to do in First meetings

There is so much that you and your date can do in your first meetings. You can have a look at the list below and choose the activities you like best:-

  1. Go and watch the recent movie releases together.
  2. Go gaming and site seeing to any nearby place.
  3. Weekend luncheon to any of your favorite food haunts is also a good idea.
  4. Take an evening walk at a nearby park.
  5. Be a part of a music concert or art gallery exhibition.
  6. If both of you like coffee, then you can have few sweet coffee meetings. You never know, you might just bond over coffee.


What to expect from First Meetings?

This is somehow the crucial part of the whole affair. How our first date meetings would be is determined by what we are expecting out of it. The following points listed below would help you in what to expect or not:-

  1. Never have high expectations from these initial dates. This just the phase where you need to assess whether you like each others company.
  2. Don't put stress on whether your date liked you or not. Rather it's good once in a while to reverse the order and think if you like to be around with your date.
  3. Minimize any or unrealistic expectations as that would build pressure on both of you.
  4. People often take time open up. So of your date is taking time to be frank with you, have patience.

Take care of yourself and your health, be cheerful, look your best on your first meetings and have a good time together.

Tips for First Date Conversations

  1. Start with the current events: If there is anything interesting around you, start with the latest topic such as the current event, latest celebrity news, movies, Twitter, or Face Book posts. These are all current events and almost everyone has to say something on them.
  2. Ups and downs of the day: Your next conversation can be your schedule. You can start like “You know, I had a very hectic schedule for the last few days. For this reason, I am looking for a stress reliever. I was waiting for the date very badly.
  3. Catch a previous conversation: You must have chatted trough emails, chats, and over the phone. You can catch a previous conversation and stretch over it. But the topic should be something, which your partner wishes to talk about.
  4. Ask questions and expect long answers: This is a little tricky. Ask the question, which has to be answered in long conversations. For example, "What is your favorite movie?” or “What is your favorite book” or “What your hobbies are?” etc.
  5. Comment on his/her look: You always can comment of his/her look or attires, only if it is good. Negative comments like “The scurf is not looking good you” may ruin your entire date. Always play safe. Trigger on the right track, so that he/she is impressed with you.
  6. Listen to your date and follow his/her conversation: You do not have to start a conversation all the time. Allow your date to say something as well. Listen to him/her and follow and continue the conversation.

Top 10 First Date Destinations

  1. A Café: A nearby café will go good. Try fixing the date on the weekdays. On weekdays, generally cafes are vacant and you can also avail great discounts on some food items. First date with a cup of coffee is a great idea to look forward to a new start.
  2. Nearby restaurant: Restaurants will be a super idea of meeting the person you like. Complement the date with a delicious lunch. Shakespeare has so well said “All's well that ends well”. This is the time that you can follow his advice. We are sure this will bring cheers to your life.
  3. A park: Parks are yet another good place to go for a first date. First date needs to be a casual meeting, where both of you can share your likes and dislikes. Parks are quite comfortable for the first dates.
  4. Lake sides: If you have good lakes in your area then a lake side will be the ultimate place where you can talk and share your feelings with him/her. You will get a good motivation from the lush ambiance of a lake.

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for First Date

  1. Don’t be boring
    The number one rule should be not to be a jerk, right?  Well truthfully, being boring, overly traditional, and devoid of any laughter or charm is probably the worst thing you can do.  Dates are usually awkward experiences because there is the illusion of formality—as in, you must behave perfectly and do everything right.  Truthfully, the only obligation you have is to be remembered, to stand out from the pack, and to be the opposite of boring.  Whether this means projecting favorable aspects of your personality, telling stories of your life, or talking about interesting things, then do it.  And avoid the “formal date.”

  2. Don’t be rude
    We’re not saying that flirting and being a little “difficult” is a bad thing.  However, if you go too far and persist in rude behavior then you are totally missing the mark.  A fun date is one defined by good humor, flirty banter and friendly confrontation.  Did you read that right?  Friendly confrontation—as in sharing a laugh, a teasing remark, and a wild ride of emotions.  Not rude, not mean-spirited and not overly aggressive.  Let your reactions come naturally, rather than fake your way through a date trying to act super macho or cold-hearted.

Ways to Make a Good Impression on First Date

  1. Body Language: An indicator of your confidence level and personality, keeping up the right body language is a major concern. Slouching is a complete no-no while meeting with somebody for the first time. It shows an image of insecurity and defeat. Keep your posture straight and right.
  2. Be confident: A must for hitting it straight in the bull's eye. Keep your head high and chin up while you are meeting with someone for the first time. Relax while you are out on a meeting and avoid being stiff and hard. This otherwise will clearly indicate that you are nervous. Be yourself while on a meeting and avoid putting up a fake image.
  3. Dress appropriately: Always dress in accordance to your meeting place. Keep it stylish but not loud. Avoid wearing too bright or shocking color and opt for neutral or light shades. Remember, people should not get shocked on seeing your attire. Another must thing is to wear a light perfume or cologne. You might love the scent you are wearing but be sure that the aroma will not offend others with you.
  4. Wear a Smile: Well, this can be tricky. It is always advisable to keep up that smile on your face on the first meet. However, you need to keep in mind that unnecessary smiles are not accepted, do not go overboard with your smiling attitude. Furthermore, do not turn your smiling face to an instant straight face, this would day that you are being fake.

How should you act on First Date?

  1. Plan well: Rather to be on a safe side have at least three foolproof plans. If one fails the other is right there. Prior information about your date's likes and dislikes can help a great deal in making arrangements for a perfect date. And finally I am sure you don't want to come across as a broke. So carry enough cash.

  2. Look good: A simple casual look with a pair of clean jeans and properly tucked or even untucked shirt, you decide, whatever you dress like your attire should prove that you posses the skill to dress. Remember women love well dressed and well groomed men. Avoid provocative clothing, too much perfume and for heaven's sake those rugged sneakers. Good looks are always appreciated.

  3. Pick her up: Pick her up. But before that make sure your car is clean and does not smell. A drive with soft music and light conversation will calm your nervousness. Anyhow, be confident.

  4. Good Manners: Remember be gracious and chivalrous. No foul language, no rowdy attitude. Open doors for her, pull the chair to the lady, allow her to place the order.

  5. Compliment her: Let her know that she looks great or very nice.

  6. Food habits: Dinner time! Let the conversation flow. Let your date feel easy and comfortable. Well as far as food is concerned don't be too pushy, women hate it. Place that napkin on your lap. Do not chew with your mouth open. When you drink, remember, this is not a bar and you have a lady along. Be nice to the waiter or the waitress. And finally, you are paying the bill. Time to leave. Open the door for her when you're leaving.

  7. Time for movie: Dinner was the time when you talked about the movie plan. Now comes the time to execute it. It's always cool to watch a comedy flick because laughing is always safe and will offer more to the easy going night. And remember you par here too. Chat a bit before the movie starts. Al right dark ambience is provocative. But restrain yourself from being doo pushy as said before. Just watch the movie and when it's move out to the car and take her home.

Things to do on a First Date

  1. Firstly, decide a good meeting place. Never call him/her in you apartment. A restaurant or a good scenic spot will add cheers to the day. You can also decide to go for a picnic. A first date is the foundation stone for a great love story. You cannot afford to go wrong this time. We will again suggest you not to rush. If you manage to attract his/her emotions today, you are sure to get a rewarding love life ahead.

  2. Dress well. First impression is the last impression. This is the time when you need to follow this proverb. A soothing fragrance will simply go best for the day.

  3. Remember, you are in the process of knowing each other well. So, do not make matters sound too serious. We will suggest you to plan the things in advance as it will make everything comfortable for you. Give him/her enough time to communicate. Two-way communication establishes a comfortable zone for both of you. So, we would suggest you to talk, talk and talk.

  4. Do not begin the conversation by declaring your love. It is a blunder that you can do on a first date. Start with a normal conversation. Allow him/her to develop a liking for you. Well, you can always say in an indirect approach that you have started liking him/her.

  5. Plan great gifts to make this moment memorable in his/her life. Expensive gifts should completely be avoided on a first date. Try giving a book, flowers, or some music cds. Remember, this is the time when you need to grab his/her attention and win his/her heart for a second date.

  6. You can also take some good cds with you. If possible, try playing beautiful songs in the background when you are traveling. They will give you confidence to make the day perfect.

  7. After you finish conversing, it is time that you ask for dinner. Take him/her to a nearby restaurant and do not forget to ask his/her favorites before you order. On one hand, this will help you in knowing his/her favorite dishes and on the other hand, you get an opportunity to honor her wishes. It is very important that you make him/her feel special and comfortable on the first date.
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