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Proper Dating Etiquettes - 6 Tips for a Successful Date

You need to have a proper dating etiquette if you want to win his/her heart on your date. As the saying follows “First impression is the last impression”. Good etiquettes leave an astounding impact on the hearts of the people. Some simple mannerisms go a long way in becoming beautiful relationships. So, why skip them when they are so helpful.

How important dating etiquettes are?

It is quite often seen that people who do not follow good mannerisms on their date have to pay a heavy price. Sometimes, matters get so worse that they even lose their beloved. So, friends before it's too late, we will suggest you to follow proper dating etiquettes.

Dating etiquettes is a great factor….

Apart from many other factors, dating etiquettes is a great deciding factor in the making of a beautiful relation. Sometimes, a lovely smile becomes one great thing to move a person.

Let's see how proper dating etiquette becomes a good help in becoming blissful relationships.

Tips for a Successful Date

  1. “How can I make you feel comfortable?” This simple question creates a beautiful mark in the mind and heart of the person in question. Moreover, you are successful in creating trustworthy relationships.

  2. This is the matter of your heart. We will suggest you to take enough caution. When both of you are together for a romantic dinner. Never ask the lady to pay the bill. This is the worst thing that can ever happen on a date.

  3. Similarly, when two of you are planning for a date destination, it is very important that you ask about his/her choices. In the long run, this is going to be a very important point in your side. You need to respect each other's opinions and views.

  4. Giving gifts on the date is definitely a part of dating etiquette. Even a small gift matters a lot. A bunch of red roses looks great for the day. You can even choose to gift a box full of chocolates to make the day special.

  5. Do not sound rude. It will be in your favor that you talk in a soft tone. You should give your best to make the person special. Leave no corner in making your date the most beautiful moment of your life. Remember, words and only words spell magic in a relation.

  6. Convey your eagerness and desire in your communication. If it's your second or third date, declare your love in a romantic way. Do not delay as matters can even get adverse. Take the help of a romantic poem or a song to win his/her heart.

Etiquettes to be Followed on First Date

  1. Make Eye Contact
    It’s considered rude or perhaps even cowardly to avoid eye contact with the other person.  Eye contact not only continues the attraction you both feel but also shows the other person that you are paying attention to whenever he/she speaks.  Eye contact is not just a matter of flirting—it is a matter of respect.  Whenever you are disinterested in a person, you naturally avoid eye contact and begin making “haughty” gestures showing your lack of appreciation for this person’s stories.  Unfortunately, when you are nervous you can inadvertently avoid eye contact and send out the wrong signal.

  2. Don’t be a jerk
    It’s one thing to tease your date and joke around—these silly flirting techniques do work.  However, there is never any need to resort to being rude or insulting.  In fact, old-fashioned etiquette lords insist that you pay your date a compliment.  Maybe it seems old fashioned, and it may not work like a charm if you’re dating a person who gets 10 compliments in a day.  Then again, there is something very appealing about a person who is confident enough to just give a sincere compliment.  Here’s the catch: don’t compliment your date’s body.  Instead, compliment their hair, clothes or something else which the person obviously takes pride in and gives great effort towards. 

  3. Don’t talk on your cell phone
    No exceptions…unless (A) there is a medical emergency or (B) you are Batman and just saw the Bat signal shining.  Otherwise it is extremely rude to talk on a cell phone while you’re supposed to be enjoying this person’s company.  Do not answer phone calls and do not answer texts.  Your friends can wait.  Your job can wait.  (If you take a business call while on a date, you’re practically screaming “workaholic”)  It might help to either turn your phone off or leave it in the car—if the temptation to check messages is really that great. 

  4. Curb your enthusiasm
    Naturally, the two of you are excited about a successful first date.  However, don’t go and ruin it by volunteering too much information (emotional baggage that your date did not ask for) or by being overly enthusiastic to the point that you seem unhinged.  Dating is a very delicate pastime, and anything “over the top” or “too honest” is usually seen as a red flag.  The best option is to smile, control your beaming excitement, and then say goodnight. 

  5. Dress and groom yourself nicely
    Always dress for your best when you go on a first date.  It is simply bad etiquette to let yourself go.  Not only does this mean being clean and smelling nice, but it also applies to the rules of fashion.  Do not go for any radical fashion statements (unless of course you’re dating Lady Gaga).  Instead, try to go for an in between of formal and casual.  You don’t want to be too formal or too laid back.  Opt for smart casual.  When it’s time to dine, hold your silverware properly and eat conservatively. 

  6. Control your passions
    It is bad etiquette to be overly touchy feely or overly concerned with sex on a first date.  The first date should simply be a meeting and greeting affair, and it should not end in spontaneous sex.  (If this happens, fast-moving lovers could become bored with one another or perhaps even lose respect for the other person)  If you feel your date is sending strong signals you can go for a kiss goodnight.  However, forcing more intimacy to happen is really pushing your luck…especially if the signals are not there.

  7. Be kind to other people
    No, this doesn’t mean guys should be attentive to other cute girls at the restaurant!  Rather, you owe a certain politeness and professionalism to all the people around you.  Not only should you do this for the sake of these people, and for your own good, but doing so also makes a great impression on your date.  Picking fights with people or complaining about poor service is immature and will turn off the majority of normal, “sane” singles out there.

  8. Never keep a date waiting
    Some people may advise arriving late as a sort of ego boost / power trip, but we do not recommend trying it.  At worst, it shows disrespect to your date and makes you appear flippant about the potential relationship.  At best, it shows you’re a scatterbrain and a bad planner.  That’s probably a flaw you should keep to yourself until marriage…or at least the fourth or fifth date!

  9. Be chivalrous
    Chivalry is not dead, guys.  Despite whatever you’ve heard about being a player or a bad boy, women always respond to gentlemanly gestures.  (Even though the dry gentleman personality may be a bit dull)  So by all means, pull out chairs, open doors and wait your turn to speak rather than hogging the conversation.  Girls, do not resist a man trying to be nice in this manner.  It has nothing to do with stereotypes or old social ethics.  It’s all about being kind

  10. Ask smart but fun questions
    Etiquette suggests you should “read up” on your date before you make plans and learn a little bit about what interests him or her.  Otherwise, you run the risk of asking dumb questions, “interview” style questions (which aren’t that much fun) or running out of material early in the date.

Apply these 10 tips and you can be sure that you are not being a bad date!

First Date Etiquettes - Dress Code and Venue

  1. Date Dress Code Etiquette
    You've heard it right as some people say, that first impression is the last impression. Dressing is the first step to impress someone. Be it a date or an interviewer. Since we are dealing with first dates here, dressing plays an important part.

    You need not wear labels but at the same time a shabby and unkempt outlook is also not desirable. Men can wear regular denims and a T-shirt with well coordinated color and accessories. Women can wear something they are comfortable. Let the dress be stylish but not show much of skin. Rather, with men they prefer women who are dressed carrying a touch of tradition.

  2. The Dating Venue Etiquette
    When you are deciding upon the place, it is always advisable to choose a place that is comfortable for both of you. The distance should be more or less at equal for both the people. At the same time, both of you need to like the place. Don't be aggressive on any place, if you see your date is uncomfortable with it.

    Generally, it is better to meet at a public place, but not a disco or pub. These places would be too crowded and would have no scope for both of you spend some quality time. Apart from the above mentioned, there are certain other dating etiquettes that are important. We have summarized them in small pointers for you. With some easy first date etiquette you can ensure that you have a good time.
    1. With regards to the payment, the traditional custom of the man offering to pay rules. Women today are working and mostly offer to pay as well, but the man here should take the onus. If you want to dutch the bill, you can tell to her before the date.
    2. Avoid asking personal details and questions.
    3. Avoid close physical proximity.
    4. Always hold out the chair for the lady and open the car doors.

You can miss everything on your date. What you cannot afford to underestimate is dating etiquettes on your date. If you have a keen interest to take your relation on a serious note, take special interest in proper dating etiquettes. We wish you great luck in your life…….

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