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Dresses that Can Be Worn for a Perfect Date

So the guy you’re crushing on finally asked you out.  Great!  Now before you start rehearsing all your femme fatale dialog and get those sexy dance moves down pat, let’s first give some thought to what you’re going to wear.


  We promise you, if you neglect the dress, it doesn’t matter how charming you are!  First impressions mean everything.  If you wear something hideous or even a bit “much”, your date will be distracted…maybe even terrified!  We believe it’s a better idea to give some thought to your first date dress style. 


That’s what we’re going to discuss in our list of Top 10 Dresses that Can Be Worn for a Perfect Date!


So why not apply these 10 fashion suggestions for a perfect first date.


1. A conservative dress with a touch of the international

This accomplishes two goals: first, you can choose something comfortable and yet cute, something that truly stands out from the trends of today.  You can also attract attention by being a bit “modest” and not giving away your whole bod on the first date; this will lure a man in and make him want to see more of you with each progressive date.  Lastly, colors of black and white have a certain exotic color, painting you as an international beauty. 


2. Expensive Dress

Why not get all dolled up and wear that expensive dress that cost so much you hardly ever wear it?  Well, over-dressing is always a smooth move, provided you are going somewhere nice and not mountain climbing or to the local Subway store.  A nice look (blue is particularly fetching) is to wear a high quality dress along with a conservative jacket and (gasp) flats instead of heels. 


3. A Denim Date

There’s nothing wrong with wearing brand name jeans, especially if you’re doing brunch and you want to enjoy a laid back atmosphere.  We look great in jeans, especially when accompanied by a cool matching jacket and a light blouse.  It’s a great casual getup that’s sure to impress a down to earth guy.


4. Devil in a Red Dress

Devilishly sexy, the red dress is always a safe “formal date” choice and it really reveals a woman’s flirty side to her date.  When you wear red, you don’t have to go for elaborate because the color makes the statement.  A black skirt with belt and some peep toe oxfords can also make a strong impression.


5. Backless Dress

A backless dress is pure sex appeal, and is a must-wear if you really dig the guy.  (Just don’t be too forward; the backless dress says it all!)  This dress showcases a woman’s figure, but does it oh so subtly.  Bonus points if you choose a dark skirt and with a colorful scarf.


6. Vintage Dress

If you want to make a big impression then go a little retro, or even go full vintage.  Vintage dresses can be modernized wearing quality belts and bracelets that accentuate the shades. 


7. Ultra Feminine but Chic

Feminine style is graceful and if you wear the right material and colors, you can get away with anything below the waist including three quarter length trousers.  If you really want to look elegant and graceful like a lady, then wear a silk top or even a ruffled top.  The sleeveless look is a breeze in the summer. Also refer: Outfit Ideas To Woo Him


8. Back to Black

If you’re in doubt then wear a black dress, as it is always flattering and rarely ever controversial or underwhelming.  Best of all, you can use your imagination to create a black dress masterpiece.  You can opt for short sleeves, turtleneck, straps or strapless, fitted or down to the knee.  You can also wear anything from heels to boots or even sandals.  Only thing is, most fashion gurus suggest avoiding flats with a black dress.  It’s just too pretty not to show it off with some dazzling shoes. 


9. Wear Something Crazy!

All right, there is no hard rule that says you can’t take chances—you just have to prepare for the consequences.  Which explains why some confident women have no problem going out in thrift store combinations, or polka dot dresses or any number of unique looks.  So as long as your loud outfit doesn’t break the basic rules of fashion, it is something to think about.  Of course, you want to wear this unusual outfit as a statement piece and as a very honest glimpse into the person that you are.  In other words, don’t wear something shocking.  Wear something that makes perfect sense to you.  Sure, it may drive some politically correct and stuffy guys away…but for someone who matches you in personality, it is going to blow them away and make you a lifetime memory!


10. Your Magical Outfit

Here’s a new thought: why let fashion rules dictate your first date success story?  Why not choose one of your “magical outfits”, as in a dress that you like, one that is a bit of a “good luck charm.”  Maybe it’s a pair of jeans that you love, or a shirt that makes you look so awesome.  Or maybe it’s just a pair of shoes that you adore.  You can create an entire outfit around your magic piece and match colors and experiment.  The important thing is that this magic outfit gives you confidence because of your good luck charm. 


Here’s another tip: don’t assume that you have to go out and buy a new dress just because you really like the guy.  After all, if you go out and spend so much money on a new selection, you’re putting undue pressure on yourself and the guy.  Just wear something that’s comfortable and will make YOU comfortable as you flirt your way towards a productive relationship.  If you have to buy something new then buy new underwear!  Because a new pair of undies always makes you feel comfy and pampered.  And attitude is everything on that all important first date!

Guide for What to Wear on a First Date

Women's Dress Tips for First Date

1. For a casual date

If you are going on a casual date, dress in casual apparels. If the dating involves going to a bowling alley or an amusement park, try out a T-shirt or a casual top along with a pair of jeans. It is best that you do not wear a shirt with provocative messages like ‘What fun I had last night!'. It may send a wrong signal to your man and you may have some embarrassing physical situations to deal with.


2. For a not so casual date

If you are going out with your guy to a movie or a concert, a blouse and slacks can be a good wear. You can also try a cocktail dress. This is an occasion when you can wear your little black outfit, that ever popular dating attire.


3. Formal date

For a meeting at an exclusive club or a fancy restaurant, cocktail dresses work best. Take along a jacket if the weather is cold or the season is a rainy one.


Men's Dress Ideas for First Date

Here is a short guide for what to wear on a first date for men.


1. For a casual date

Plain white or blue shirts teamed with a pair of blue jeans can being out your confident persona. But if you are more comfortable in T-shirts, you can try them on. The comfort factor is very important if you want to appear at your best before your girl.


2. For a not so casual date

Slacks and polo shirts or button-down shirts are fantastic for the in-between kind of dates. Wear comfortable shoes. If it is cold, put a jacket over. A sport coat can look great if you are going to a restaurant. It is important your accessories with your clothes. If you are wearing a tan belt and tucking your shirt in, slip on tan shoes.


3. Formal date

Formal occasions demand formal attires. Try dark colored suit and trousers. Wear a tie. Some restaurants have dress codes. Know if there is one in the restaurant you are going to visit. Check if a tie and jacket is the dress rule.

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