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Can An “Older Woman - Younger Man” Relationship Work

Some call it cougar-cub equation. Some label it “socially unacceptable”.


Some think of it as a passing phase, a result of temptation and thrill of the forbidden. And there are some others who view it as a “seductress- predator” scenario.


Yes, we are talking about “Older Woman – Younger Man” Relationships which are no longer a rarity in today’s world.


Let’s check a few nuances –


Your Woman Is More Confident, Experienced & Independent: An older woman oozes an assured air that appeals to the younger men. At that point of life, a woman will be mature & experienced in matters of head and heart, and independent enough to be on her own. This gives a sense of space, reliance, ease and comfort to the man.


Your Man Is Full Of Energy, Vitality, Enthusiasm and Optimism: Time and again, older women have expressed that the energy and vitality of a younger man makes them feel lively all over again. He is unpredictable and adventurous, that makes her life more fun and exciting. His enthusiasm and optimism brings a positive vibe to her life.


Your Love-Making Is Fulfilling: It is considered that women are generally late-bloomers as far as sex is concerned. So an older female partner will enjoy the energy that a younger man brings to their conjugal life, unless of course she finds it difficult to match his vigor.


Your Woman Earns More Than You And Is Steady Financially: An older woman will bring economic stability to a relationship. The man does not have to shoulder all the ‘burdens of bills’. However, this can hurt the ego of the man who might feel that he is sponging off his woman.


Your Man Makes You Feel More Desirable: Psychologists believe that young men are more transparent about their feelings. As such they are more expressive about their love. This energy and expression makes an older woman feel more desirable and youthful.


Your Decision Or Desire To Procreate: A young man may not be ready for children and the added responsibilities, while an older woman may desire motherhood. On the contrary, it might also be so that an older woman may not be physically able to or want to procreate, while a younger man might want to experience parenthood.


Your Woman Is More Understanding, Tolerant and Supportive: An older woman has seen more, heard more, and faced more – she is emotionally balanced. This makes it easier for her to accept different situations in life in a mature, patient manner.


Your Man Is Less Conventional: Younger men tend to be less conventional and succumb less to social pressures. So it is easier for him to ignore the social dictates – the puckering of brows at a party, or a teasing tongue. Also, he’d have lesser hang-ups in moving in with her (rather than the vice-versa) which might be comforting to a mature woman who might not want too many changes anymore.


An “Older Woman – Younger Man” bonding needs to have a strong chemistry, and should be nurtured with maturity and sensitivity. The couple should gel at the fundamental level and there should not be any conflict of interests. But then these are the basics of any relationship. After all, if two individuals are sincere, committed and in love, there is nothing that can strain the bond, let alone a few years of age-difference.

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