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Top 10 Dating Apps

Dating can be hard, especially now in the 21st century where it seems we are all busier than ever before.  Who says finding a cute date has to take up gobs of time though? 


Thankfully, with the modern invention of mobile phones a hot date is as close as a few text messages away. Mobile dating apps are really catching on; in fact some 14 million people are currently using them. 


If you are looking for a date then you have to go where the people are, and they are on their cell phones!  Here are the top 10 mobile dating apps worth considering.


1. Zoosk

This app is currently for iPhone and Android phones.  This dating site and app is becoming all the rage with those who love social type websites, even calling themselves the “romantic social network”.  It currently offers their service in well over 25 languages and boasts their number of singles to be in the 50 million range currently.  In terms of sheer numbers of members, this is probably the best app for you.  However, if features are more important, keep reading…


2. Tinder

Designed for both iOS and Android platforms, Tinder has completed a year in the market. What started as just a college campus fad, has now become quite a phenomena, with all the celebrities using the app, Tinder is fast becoming the unchallenged champion of the dating apps game and rather a household name. Targeting an age group of 18-35 Tinder is truly an app that is one of the fastest growing app in the location based dating market.


3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the top dating sites in the world and it has the bonus of being a free service.  Well, the company’s app is equally impressive and has over 33 million members currently.  The app is extra fast and allows you to edit profiles and photos using your mobile phone.  Best of all, you can get a real time listing of all the users in your area according to distance from your location. 


4. OK Cupid

OKCupid’s app is more than okay, as it is another location-based advancement in dating, since it combines a Twitter-like function with a traditional dating site format.  Users can update their status as to where they are and broadcast their evening’s plans.  Now, other nearby singles can catch them at bars, sporting events and other local destinations. 


5. Let's Date

Designed for iOS, Let's Date can be called the 'Instagram' of the world of dating apps. You can log in through Facebook and create your date card with it. Once your profile has been created you can edit it however you want, without it being reflected in your Facebook account. With a 55 percent demographic from between 18-24 and 40 percent from between 24-35, Let's Date is the social dating app that is quickly catching on.


6. Badoo

Designed for both iOS and Android, Badoo was released in the year 2006. With a total of almost 197 million users from all around the world, it is available in 41 languages. Statistically over a hundred thousand join the network each day. Badoo is a really fun and new way to make new friends and date in an environment which is very game like.


7. Meet Moi

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Meet Moi falls into a category exclusive called Mobile Matchmakers and is something of a compatibility programmer. It suggests you options on the basis of compatible users in proximity to your location. On the basis of the available information, Users can decide if they want to meet each other and go on a date or simply ignore the option affronted.


8. Skout

One of the earliest Dating apps that appeared in the global market, Skout was released in 2008 for iOS. Now having been designed for Android compatibility too the global network of Skout is a really good way of meeting new people from over 100 countries round the world.


9. Grindr

With a multi cross platform design for iOS, Android and Blackberry users, since its launch in the year 2009, Grindr has only seen a consistent increase in its popularity. With almost 7 million users to its name from over 192 countries in the world. According to recent statistical records, an average of almost 200 million pictures are shared everyday via the app.


10. How About We

Designed for both iOS and Android, it is a both online and offline dating service, with users creating their profiles, connecting and then meeting at offline events. Made for couples as well as singles the app is one that you can definitely use to meet and greet new people


Aren’t you excited to know so much opportunity waits for you through your own iPhone, Android or whatever other mobile device you have?  Love is no longer regulated to dating sites and PCs…now you can take your search on the road!

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