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The dance of courtship between two potential lovers is as old as time itself, although it has changed in many drastic ways over the years. In our modern world, dating traditions have been heavily influenced by new technologies. Many people now find true love through the internet or through social networking. New rules of etiquette have been added to the old, and people sometimes need new strategies to navigate these uncharted romantic waters.


In-Person Dating

The advent of social networking doesn’t mean that going out and about isn’t still a great way to meet people. All of us respond well to face-to-face interactions, so finding a date the old-fashioned way may not be as difficult as it seems.

Stay active. Don’t make finding a date into the be-all and end-all of your life! A potential romantic partner will be the most interested if you seem like you have a lot going on. So don’t stay home and watch TV! Engage in your hobbies and interests, as it’s one of the best ways to meet like-minded people.

Go on the prowl. Singles gather in certain places where they hope to find others like themselves who are looking for love. Bars and nightclubs are the classic hot spots, but don’t discount other events like formal dances and local cooking classes. Estimate your chances of meeting a single person suited to you, and head to the most promising location.

Let others know. If you’re interested in finding someone to be with, you don’t have to keep it to yourself. Contrary to some beliefs, it’s not an embarrassment to let your friends and families know that you’re open to dating. That way, if they run across somebody that you would like, they just might send them in your direction.


Act confident. Desperation is the ultimate poison to the process of finding a date. Free yourself from worrying about it: know that if you look and act desirable, a date will come to you. Take pride in your appearance and always put your best foot forward. Members of the opposite sex are bound to take notice!


Online Dating

It used to be that online dating was seen as a refuge for lonely losers, but these days that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, everyone has begun to realize the advantages online dating brings in our ever-more-connected world. There’s no need to feel embarrassed when you jump into this exciting new trend, because who knows? Maybe you’ll find just who you’ve been waiting for on the other side of the screen!

Do your research. It’s not smart to just join the first online dating network you see without doing some comparison shopping. Some of them cost a subscription, while others are free, but there are pros and cons to each. Only doing the research will let you know which dating site will be the best value for you.

Deck out your profile. It’s amazing how many people out there put little or no thought into constructing their social networking profiles. How can you expect to attract a date if your online profile makes you look like a slob? Fortunately, a bit of extra effort is all it takes to stand out from the crowd and make a real impression.

Stay active online. Update your profiles regularly, not just on dating sites, but everywhere on the web. Display an online persona that is confident and active, as well as open and friendly. These days, anybody can find out most of what you do and say online with a little searching, and you want potential dates to see the best in you.

Send courteous messages. Once you strike up an online correspondence with someone, stay polite and sincere. The ease of sending an email or instant message can sometimes tempt us into saying something that we’d never say to a person’s face. Remember that your ultimate goal is to meet this person in real life, so do everything you can to ensure a courteous and respectful relationship.


Dating Etiquettes

No matter how you find your date, the first thing on your mind is going to be how you might impress them. Once you start going out together, keep in mind the following tips to avoid a dating faux pas:

Be polite. Never underestimate the positive power of courtesy, or the negative power of rudeness. Taking your date’s presence for granted is a sure way to send them running for the hills. Show that you’re invested in the experience by always acting respectful and polite.

Maintain eye contact. Eye contact is a very important component of the way two people communicate when face-to-face, and a romantic situation is no exception. Whether you are a man or a woman, maintaining eye contact will show that you are confident and honest.

Listen and observe. A huge mistake is to spend the entire date talking about yourself. Listen closely to what your partner has to say, and observe their reactions to what you say. The more attention you place on the other person, the more likely your date will be successful.

Be honest. It’s tempting to tell little white lies to try and impress your date, but most people will value honesty and will be on the lookout for attempts to deceive them. This doesn’t mean that you have to bare your soul on the first date, but avoid building up a picture of yourself or your life that doesn’t match reality. A successful dating life will be built on the truth, so treat it as your ally.

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