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Chinese Valentines Day

Celebrate Chinese Valentines Day This Year on "August 13"
Love is that universal feeling that finds expression and celebration in almost every language and every culture. In China, Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month each year and is falling on the 13th of August in 2013. There are many folklores associated with the festival of Qixi or Chinese Valentine's Day the most popular one being that of the cowherd and the weaver girl (Niulang and Zhinu). It is said that the two lovers were separated from each other by the Gods and sent on either side of the constellations with a milky way in between them. The Chinese consider Qixi to be that day of the year when the lovers get to meet, as the Magpies on Earth take pity of the forlorn lovers and form a bridge between the two constellations, hence Chinese Valentine's Day is also known as the Magpie festival. The day is considered to be quite an important one for young girls and is celebrated with quite zest and panache.
Chinese Valentines day

Traditions associated with Chinese Valentine's Day:
  • On the occasion of Qixi, young Chinese girls go to the temple and pray to Zhinu for wisdom, normally the burning of paper items takes place as offerings.
  • Girls normally chant traditional hymns and prayers and ask to be proficient in needle work which is generally a traditional talent that a good wife possesses.
  • There are competitions that are organized wherein girls display their domestic talents.
  • There is another tradition wherein the oxen are decorated with the most beautiful flowers
  • Boys dress well to impress the women, and the women to dress in the finest clothes they can find.
  • Fruits and melons are prepared for offering at the temple, it is also a tradition to try to float needles in water, it is said that if the needle does not sink as it usually does, then the girl is old enough to be betrothed.

Chinese Valentine's Day Quotes:
  • The Beauty of love lies in giving it without the sense of self
  • To love is to risk getting hurt, but doing so anyway, for the fruits of the labour are sweet.
  • To love someone and be loved in return is one of the greatest pleasures that life can afford us.
  • Being in love makes you feel alive, the true beauty of the world lies in the eyes of lovers
  • Love me like there is no tomorrow and I will make your today a blessing
  • Love is like that beautiful symphony, whose melody can not only be heard but truly felt.
  • The beauty of youth comes out in love
  • I have truly loved and that is why I know that I have truly lived
  • Love is that sacred bond that strings two hearts together and never lets go.
  • Love is the emotion that is felt when two souls come together in union and become one.

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Chinese Valentines day, 2013