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Wonderful Boyfriend Quotes

Do you often sigh at the sweetness of your boyfriend? Every morning do you feel blessed to have him in your life? Do you think the two of you are just made for each other?

Do you appreciate all the little things (and some big ones too!) he does to make your days better and brighter? Well, no doubt you have a wonderful boyfriend, so thank your stars! But thank him too for being who he is.

Little words of appreciation, simple token to show you care about all the efforts he makes will make him swell with pride, dignity and of course love for you. Imagine his sheer excitement at reading all your pure emotions in a greeting card or a love note!

Amazing Boyfriend Quotes

Here are a few Wonderful Boyfriend Quotes that will help you bring out all the beautiful feelings you weave in your mind about the special guy in your life –

  1. "You are like my sweet teddy bear to whom I can snuggle up to whenever I feel down and feel happy immediately."

  2. "Whenever I feel confused about life and what I want out of it, I hold on to you – you are one thing I want in my life now and always."

  3. "When I am with you I never feel like taking a wink of sleep since the reality is happier than my dreams."

  4. "I thought I was a rational person with my head on its place. But falling in love with you was a mad rush over which I had no control – the credit goes to the wonderful you."

  5. "Your love is such a wonderful thing to have happened to me that I can face anything to keep it constant in my life."

  6. "Every time your arms reach out to me my heart signals that it is the place destined for me."

  7. "Before I met you I had no idea how wonderful it is to have a soul mate – now that I do I feel scared of losing you."

  8. "They say Love is blind. I may have fallen in love without a vision, but when I opened my eyes and saw you it was the most wonderful surprise."

  9. "I feel like I could simply drown in your wonderful eyes and never feel like coming up."

  10. "Before I met you I thought only a stupid could simply gaze and smile. But now I have you as my companion always in my heart and I know that I can communicate a lot even with a smile."

  11. "Our relationship is so perfect that I hope nothing changes between us even with the passage of time – except for, may be, the color of our hair."

  12. "I hate people who say that you can fall in love only once, for every time I set my eyes on you I feel like a kid in a candy store wonderfully happy and falling in love over and over again."

  13. "You are the axis that makes my world go round in a wonderfully happy pace."